Are all utilities included?

Many of our suites include some utilities, but this varies from property to property so be sure to confirm with your resident manager or leasing agent exactly which utilities are included. This will prevent any surprises.

Can I transfer to a different unit or building that is also owned by Mainstreet?

We happily encourage our residents to continue residing with Mainstreet even when their current unit is no longer the best fit for them. That’s why we’re happy to offer transfers between suites in the same building, transfers from one building to another, and even transfers from one city to another. When you choose to transfer, you don’t incur the penalties associated with lease breaks. We do charge a fee for transfers, please talk to your Resident Manager for information specific to your request.

Do I have to pay for parking?

We do charge fees for parking, and these fees vary according to type of parking, location, and other factors. Please ask your Resident Manager or Leasing Agent for information on these costs at the property you’re inquiring about.

How do I renew my lease?

Please contact your Resident Manager for any questions relating to your lease or renewal.

Is tenant insurance mandatory?

Mainstreet requires that all its tenants purchase and maintain tenant insurance for the entire duration of their tenancy. Proof of this insurance is required at the time of move-in. Tenants can choose their own insurance provider or opt for Mainstreet's insurance partner at time of application.

Does Mainstreet offer options for more flexible rent payment structures?

Absolutely! At Mainstreet, we're committed to catering to our tenants' needs. Through our collaboration with Zenbase, we provide a flexible payment structure. Instead of the traditional lump sum method, you can now divide your monthly rent into two separate payments.

This setup not only makes it easier to manage your monthly expenses, but it also alleviates any potential financial stress.

Interested in this flexible approach?

Sign up now! : https://myzenbase.com/mainstreet/

How can I boost my credit rating while renting with Mainstreet?

Consistency in payments plays a crucial role in building a robust credit history. We've teamed up with Zenbase to ensure that your timely rent payments don't go unnoticed.

Zenbase actively reports your positive rental payment behavior, effectively enhancing your credit rating. This means every on-time rent payment you make sets you on the path to a stronger financial future.

Ready to improve your financial profile?

Sign up now! : https://myzenbase.com/mainstreet/

Do you offer a senior’s discount?

We do offer a discount for those over 55 years of age. Please ask for more information when applying.

Do I have to pay to have a new key cut?

It depends on the situation. If your key is broken, please bring it to us and we will cut you a new one without charge. If your building or your mail key is lost, there will be a replacement charge. Regarding your e-lock, you will pay for code changes, or if you have forgotten your code. If the battery in your e-lock dies, we will replace it free of charge.

What maintenance am I myself responsible for in my unit?

You are responsible for changing light bulbs, and unclogging toilets, and tub drains (or we will have to charge accordingly). Any item considered damaged through negligence will also be your responsibility.

What should I do if I’m concerned about a possible pest issue?

Please notify your resident manager immediately if you suspect pest activity. Your manager will provide a pest control preparation sheet and schedule pest control technicians. It is a cooperative effort between the landlord and tenant to remedy the issue, but we take these complaints very seriously and respond immediately.

When is my garbage picked up?

This varies from property to property, please check with your Resident Manager for the information specific to your building.

What is my Telus account number? I have a promotion through Mainstreet.

Please get this information from Telus directly, and when you call please let them know you are living in a Mainstreet building and would like the discount applied. If you experience any issues, please contact your Resident Manager.