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Mainstreet is an adaptive and inclusive company. It isn’t just a place to get a job; it’s a place to follow your calling.

We’re seeking highly-qualified people looking for that calling or the path to it. When you join our team, you can expect an environment where merit matters. Your advancement will not depend on who you know or what school you went to--it will depend on your performance. You will advance if you want to.

Today’s job market is a jungle. Step out of the jungle and into a career with Mainstreet.


  • A competitive benefits package
  • A creative, inclusive, responsive corporate culture
  • A team so diverse it could teach the UN a thing or two
  • Flat organizational structure: we work together to accomplish things
  • Management that believes in accountability, not blame
  • Open door policy: have a great idea? Bring it right to the CEO!
Work With Mainstreet


What is it like being a team member at Mainstreet?

Mainstreet is an inclusive environment in all aspects: not just in terms of ensuring we employ a diverse array of people, but also in ensuring that all voices are heard and all input considered. Every team member at Mainstreet has agency, every manager is accessible from the building manager to the CEO. Our offices don't have doors, we practice a flat hierarchal structure to ensure the company runs on communication and participation as much as it does on the business we do.

We have built Mainstreet around these values not because they are fashionable, but because we have found they build the best environment for team members, for customers, and overall performance.


Performance Gets Noted and Promoted

Sheena Keslick is Mainstreet's vice-President of Operations, one of our most senior officers and a testament to what intelligence, drive, and creativity can lead to. Sheena joined Mainstreet in the early days of the company, never intending it to become a long-term job. 

At the first building she managed, Sheena performed whatever role was required to get the job done. She didn't wait for others, she took initiative and painted walls that needed painting, she cleaned common areas when they needed cleaning. Whenever she saw a problem, she fixed it and taught her teammates how to do the same thing. This resulted in her having the most successful property in the portfolio: she cared, and she worked tirelessly.

Over time Sheena would be dispatched to save other properties in need of her management system. As she moved around, she started identifying certain systemic problems and again started proposing and implementing creative solutions to those problems. This continued as she climbed the ladder until joining the senior management team in 2010.

Her story could be yours. Promotion happens quickly for performers at MEQ.


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