December 14, 2015 / By: Karen Engel

5 Easy ways to make your apartment look new to you

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Have you been living in the same apartment for a while, and want to make it look different without incurring too much cost? Here are some great ideas to make your apartment feel like you just moved in – on the cheap!

  • Move your Furniture around

This is the easiest way to put a whole new spin on your apartment, plus it doesn't cost any money. Move your bed around 180 degrees. Push the couch against the other wall. Move your pictures around to different rooms. Change your plates and cups to different shelves. Reorganize where you put everything in the bathroom. Change the clothes around in your closet. Give the changes a full week, and if it doesn't work, change some more.

  • New colors

Change the colour of your towels, in fact, donate the old ones. Get a bright-colored comforter. If your theme is green, try yellow or purple to really change things up. Put up a different shower curtain. Buy a new colored rug to put in your bedroom or living room. Display a unique colorful knick-knack from a second-hand store.

  • Add a mirror

Adding a mirror into your apartment reflects back lots of natural light and makes your living space feel bigger.

  • Green it up with plants

Plants can make your apartment feel livelier and add colour. Find plants that will bloom and are easy to take care of. In summer, grow tomato plants, strawberries or even lettuce and spinach in your windowsill or on your balcony. If you tend to kill every plant you ever bought, stick to a simple aloe vera, or buy some fake plants to add some life to your apartment.

  • Declutter

Getting rid of clutter can make your apartment feel and look new again. Go through each of your rooms. Start in one room and get rid of anything you either haven't worn in 6 months or have not used in a year. Do everything from your kitchen cabinets and drawers to underneath the bathroom sink. Donate everything to a second-hand store.

Have any tricks to add to this list?


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