December 7, 2016 / By: Andrew Ellerton

7 steps to getting your full apartment security deposit back

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Before you've even moved in, having a thorough understanding of your lease agreement and its requirements is a must to ensure an orderly move out when the time comes. You should know when your lease expires, the terms if you are unable to fulfill your lease and also what is required for proper notice to move out. If you fail to meet these terms, you could be on the hook for extra months of rent or more to make up for the landlord's lost revenues.

Conducting a thorough, detailed move-in inspection and documenting any deficiencies should be standard practice when you're renting any apartment. Getting something down on paper at move-in helps to protect you down the road. Should the management/manager change, the only proof to go off of will be the original move-in report.

Keep the place clean while you live there! It is much easier to deal with spills, stains, accidents, and grime as they come up rather than months or years down the road.

Promptly notify the landlord of any maintenance issues as they occur. Small leaks left untended to can create mold and other damage that may require extensive renovations that you could be held responsible for if you let something fester for weeks without bringing it to your landlord's attention.

After giving your proper notice to vacate, communicate with your landlord as to the expected cleaning guidelines. Did you remember to wipe the blinds and windowsills? How about behind the fridge and stove? Are you responsible for replacing any burnt-out lightbulbs? Get a clear understanding of the expectations so you're not left scrambling.

Consider hiring a professional cleaner. A move is time-consuming and a lot of work. Appliances such as the stove can be tough to clean if they haven't been done in a while, often requiring special cleaning products and hours of work. Having someone else clean can free up your time and energy to take care of other things like decorating and unpacking your new place!

Leave yourself some extra time. Things invariably come up during the move that will limit the amount of time you have to get everything done. Getting all moved out and cleaned up a few days before you give the keys back allows you some extra time so that you don't miss anything. Tenants often run out of time and just give up which is a quick way to lose a couple hundred bucks on cleaning charges.


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