February 19, 2016 / By: Shawn LeBlanc

Abbotsford: 5 Best Restaurants, Something for Everyone

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After living in Abbotsford for several years, and being a person who very much enjoys good food, I have eaten at just about every restaurant there is in Abbotsford. Here are what I consider the absolute must-try places.

For sushi, there is a tiny little restaurant on South Fraser Way called Nikko Sushi. It serves some of the best sushi I have ever eaten anywhere and that is saying a lot having grown up in Richmond, BC where fresh seafood is available right from the docks.

When it comes to special occasions and fine dining, Restaurant 62 on McCallumn Road is excellent. They use fresh, local ingredients and have a rotating menu depending on the season. The food is expertly prepared and delicious, and although I usually tend toward simple dishes, I am prone to experiment at 62 and have been pleasantly surprised with the diversity of flavors each time I've eaten there. This restaurant is definitely on the higher end of the price scale, but on special occasions it's well worth it.

One of my absolute favourite restaurants anywhere is the Greek Islands 1 on Langdon Avenue. It was the first of now 4 restaurants, and all though the food is excellent at all of them, I give this one the edge for its customer service and friendly atmosphere. A special note to anyone who enjoys lamb, this is an absolute must-try, it simply melts in your mouth.

For pub food there is no better place than Lou's Grill on Gladys Avenue, the portions are large, the quality and taste is excellent and the drink specials actually consist of things people actually like to drink! The atmosphere is pub-dark and it's always packed so it can get quite loud, so if you're looking for a quiet meal this is not the place. For a bite to eat with friends and a few drinks, this is the place. It's also close to the bus stop and taxis are always available so you can drink responsibly.

Last but not least, if you are looking for the best breakfast available in Abbotsford, Vic's Diner on Clearbrook Road is the place, and there are a great many people who agree. Everything is delicious and the portion sizes are ample, all at an affordable price. Plenty of customers eat there more than once per week, it's just got that easy-going vibe.

I hope this helps the next time you are in Abbotsford and looking for somewhere to go or to eat.

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