November 12, 2020 / By: J.Greenwell

Alberta's Best Pandemic Takeout

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If there's one thing Albertans believe in, it's supporting entrepreneurship. With COVID-19 closing so many businesses, it's more important than ever to support those still going. Fortunately, with so many delivery and takeout options out there, folks in Alberta can stay safe, eat well, AND support our community at the same time. Whether you are living in student housing by NAIT or SAIT, studying hard at the U of L's Dhillon school of business to start your own, cramming by candlelight for midterms at University of Calgary or University of Alberta? Just take a night off to chill inside while the weather is freezing out, order a movie and a meal to your Mainstreet apartment!




Jerusalem Shawarma

With their first location opening only a few years ago, word got out about Jerusalem Shawarma quickly. Try and choose between fluffy and crunchy falafel, fragrant rice that could have been cooked in a cloud, succulent shawarma meats, the tastiest salads and much more, or just order a platter so you can have a little of everything. Don't forget to finish your meal off with their second-to-none baklava!




Vendome Cafe

Enjoy some culinary excellence at home any time of the day, with Vendome serving elegant fare at all times of the day: breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Part of the renowned Teatro Group, Vendome takes dishes you may have known and shows you what it tastes like when a dish's greatest potential is fulfilled. Offering accessible French dining that will transport you from your living room to the finest restaurants of Paris, this is a MUST try. Order on Doordash today.






Koutouki Greek

In the mood for some mouth-watering Greek cuisine that you cannot get enough of? Need to feed a Herculean appetite but only the finest food will do? Then get out your smartphone and order up some Koutouki tonight! Fresh flavours will have you eating foods even ancient Athenians would be jealous of: tender grilled lamb Paidakia, melt-in-your-mouth Moussakas, olive your Greek favourites are here. Order today!





Enjoy some culinary excellence from another Edmontonian at home. A graduate of NAIT's culinary program, MEAT will transport you from your apartment to a rustic Southern afternoon, serving delicious BBQ, Chicken and Waffles, and more alongside the most delicious desserts available for delivery like a to-die-for pecan pie or the bonkers banana parfait. Serving brunch on weekends and dinner all week, you'll love treating yourself to this mouth-watering fare, but if you're not careful your tastebuds will have you ordering every meal from here.






Two Guys and a Pizza Place

If you're in the mood for some award-winning pizza, there's really only one choice in Lethbridge. Two Guys and a Pizza Place (aka Two Guys' Pizza) have been serving up some of Lethbridge's best pies for nearly twenty years; and the secret sauce must be working because they've drawn national attention, including being featured on the Food Network's You Gotta Eat Here as one of Canada's best pizza parlours. 


The Mango Tree

Some of Lethbridge's finest cuisine can be found in this elegant and unassuming East Indian bistro located in the London Road area of town. Generous portions ensure every patron leaves without any room to spare, and the food is such a delicate combination of delicious flavour and perfect textures that you won't be able to put your fork down until that plate is clean. Cuddle up with some comfort food and escape the mundane reality of the pandemic with some exceptional delivery.


Stay warm and support your community!