November 27, 2018 / By: Dustin Rennie

Apartment Hunting With Pets

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Looking for an apartment in Western Canada? If you're a pet owner, one of the biggest things on your mind would be – is the apartment pet-friendly or not?

Not all apartments are pet-friendly, and not all neighborhoods are pet-friendly either. At Mainstreet, the majority of our apartments are pet-friendly, but there are a few things you should watch out for when apartment hunting with pets.


#1: What is the Neighborhood Like?

Do you have a Labrador Retriever at home? Okay, you should look for a neighborhood with parks, walking trails and plenty of green spaces. Open spaces are a must.

After all, Labradors are a highly active dog breed and require plenty of exercise. If you can't take them out on a long walk at least once a day, they get bored and develop destructive habits, like chewing your precious Persian rug, or tearing your bedsheets apart.

Also, you'll want to know if there are any vet clinics nearby – Every pet owner should have a friendly vet on their speed dial. Are there any pet-friendly bars and restaurants?


#2: What is the Apartment Like?

How big is the apartment? If you have a Great Dane, for example, you should look for an apartment with high square footage. But if you only have a cat, then even a tiny one-bedroom apartment will suit your purpose.If you have an active dog at home such as the Golden Retriever, then you will need a spacious front porch or balcony, and an outdoor area, so that your dog can move about easily.


#3: Pet Resumes are a Must These Days. Have You Created One?

Many landlords – not all – demand to see a pet resume. This is the same as a job resume which you're familiar with.  Pet resume will have details like the pet's breed, name, weight, proof of DNA tests, health checkups, vaccinations, etc. and a current picture. Take this as seriously as you would take a job resume. Your chances of landing an apartment for rent quickly depend on that – believe it or not!


#4: Get a Reference from a Vet.

References are important. If you can get a letter from your pet along with paperwork that prove that your German Shepherd, for example, has received all essential vaccinations and has been through early socialization and dog training classes; that will help. That shows your pet is disciplined and obedient and is not going to harass other residents. If you can, get a reference from your previous landlord as well. That counts for a lot.


#5: Do Your Bit as a Responsible Pet Owner.

It is your job as a responsible pet owner to make sure that your pet dog is potty trained and well behaved. You can't have him jumping on people or acting aggressively. Also, no landlord wants to have dogs that bark 24/7 on their property – that would cause the other tenants to complain. Do your bit and think about the landlord's interests as well.


#6: Make Sure Everything is Written Down in the Lease Agreement.

You may be asked to pay an additional pet fee for having the pet in the apartment. In that case, make sure it is written down in the lease agreement.

 Mainstreet Equity Corporation is an apartment rental company in Western Canada. We have plenty of options when it comes to pet-friendly apartments and we help make your apartment search easy. If you have any questions for us, please message us!