June 13, 2016 / By: Hanna Archutowska

Apartment Living; the value of being a good neighbour

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When we move and leave our families behind in our home countries, provinces or cities, it's our neighbours that become our new family.

It becomes a necessity to have someone we can turn to watch our children while we run to the store, lend us the missing ingredient for a started cake or feed our pets when we go on vacation.

Over many years of managing apartment buildings I have seen close friendships being built, neighbours moving in together, and some even getting married.

In apartment buildings the rotation of tenants is constant and sometimes you have new neighbours around you every few months, not always enough time to build a connection. It is nice to hear about new tenants being offered help when moving in, or welcomed with a pie or freshly baked cookies.

It was here where my daughter met her first best friends. They had many sleepovers, went to movies, ballets, skating and many trips to the zoo.

We were privileged to have an amazing neighbour, the elderly Mr. Clarence who was like family during our 15 years living here. He had every tool a person might need and he had a vast knowledge of how things work. Most of all he always made time to be there when we needed him. He came down to my office every single day and asked if I needed him to pick my daughter up from school. He watched our pets when we went on vacations, first the fish, then the bunny, and then our little puppy. When he was sick we brought him cooked meals, brought him to a doctor and did his shopping. He was with us for all special occasions like Easter, Christmas and Thanksgiving.

He became sick and fragile and eventually was taken to a care home. I will never forget the huge smile and tight hugs when I went to visit. He is no longer with us, but we are still in contact with his family, thanking us for being good neighbours and friends. A new family has already moved into his old suite, but there is not a day that goes by that I don't think of Clarence when I come home, and how comforting it was to have him there.

I wish everyone to find a great neighbor, as it will make your life so much better.

Of course, this should start with being a good neighbour.


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