May 3, 2019 / By: Dustin Rennie

Best Edmonton Neighborhoods For Students

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Are you a student looking for the best place to live in Edmonton? If so, you're in luck: there are a lot of great neighborhoods in Edmonton that are perfect for students. Edmonton has an array of post-secondary schools; University of Alberta, MacEwan University, NAIT, and Norquest are among some of the most popular post-secondary institutions in Edmonton. Each institution has a variety of neighboring communities that are ideal for student rentals. The neighborhoods that are best for students are close to school while featuring great walkability, fun things to do, and plenty of features that are ideal for students looking to enjoy life while they study and work hard towards building their future. The following are the very best Edmonton neighborhoods for students.


Strathcona is one of the most popular student neighborhoods due to its vibrant nightlife, access to plenty of great local restaurants, as well as student-favored cafes that are perfect for those late-night study sessions with a coffee and pastry at your side.


Parkallen is very close to the University of Alberta, making it a popular student destination. IT has easy access to the LRT, which means you can easily get to downtown or other areas without much fuss. Parkallen features plenty of local spots and a friendly community vibe that is perfect for students looking to reach out to their neighbors.

Queen Alexandra

Queen Alexandra is also close to the University of Alberta. It has easy access to LTR and is within easy distance of downtown and all of the restaurants, shops and other popular hang-outs there. Queen Alexandra is particularly popular with students because there are plenty of affordable low-rises that are perfect for people with a student budget.


Garneau is a historic neighborhood that is ideal for students who love arts, culture and history. Garneau is a laid back area with museums, theaters and gardens that are perfect for people who love to relax and enjoy cultural pursuits. Garneau is within public transportation distance to downtown and the club-heavy Whyte Avenue for those nights when you'd rather let loose, too.

Central McDougall

Central McDougall is one of the most walkable neighborhoods in the area, and it's this high level of walkability that has been increasing the number of students who flock to this neighborhood. This area is close to MacEwan University and has an array of rental options. It is relatively affordable, and not only does it neighbor MacEwan University it is also close by to a variety of different universities like NAIT and Norquest. Another draw towards Central McDougall apartment rentals is that the community is still within a short distance of the downtown area with its many restaurants, clubs, retail stores, and the Rogers Centre/ICE District.


Walterdale is definitely a "hip" student neighborhood. It used to be an industrial area, and this is reflected in the modern apartments and trendy lofts that now dot the area. Walterdale is nearby multiple university campuses and is still within easy distance of downtown and Whyte Avenue for students looking to enjoy the clubs, cafes and other staples of student life.


Pleasantview is an up and coming neighborhood that is ideal for students who love to get moving. It features tennis courts, an outdoor skating rink, and easy access to the LRT for when you want to visit the rest of Edmonton. Pleasantview is also right nearby the popular Southgate Centre for students who want to indulge in shopping sprees.


McKernan is a historic neighborhood that is small, friendly and ideal for students who want to live in a quieter area while still enjoying student life on the weekends. McKernan features many small and affordable apartment buildings that are perfect for those with a student budget; the neighborhood itself is friendly and affords opportunities to get involved with the local community.