October 21, 2020 / By: J.Greenwell

Best Local Restaurants in Saskatchewan

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Best Local Restaurants in Saskatchewan 

With COVID-19 closing the doors of so many community establishments, it's more important than ever to support our local businesses so we can kick Saskatchewan's economy back into gear. Fortunately, whether you are living in our student housing by the University of Saskatchewan or the University of Regina; if you're enjoying that City Park apartment life in one of our heritage buildings, or anywhere else? With so many delivery and takeout options available you can stay safe, eat well, AND support your community at the same time. Here are our top picks for pandemic takeout in Saskatoon and Regina.


Bushwakker Brewing

You won't find a better burger in Regina, and that's really saying something. They don't deliver, but as Regina's top-ranked burger (and fries, and soup, and…) for 2020, there's no question they're worth the quick trip. With an evolving menu always changing in a quest for perfection, there's something for everyone and it'll be the best something they've ever had. Grab a six-pack of their incredible beer, too, although they are a brewpub and not a microbrewery so most of their beer is intended to be consumed in-house. 


India House

For sumptuous South Asian cuisine that will transport you from your dining room to the fragrant markets of the Eastern world, there's only one choice. Regina's India House is MUST-EAT restaurant, and it's a longtime favourite of our own team members and customers. Dine-in for a sophisticated experience intended to elevate your evening, but don't think you're missing out on anything except the gas bill when you order in!




Thien Vietnam

This Saskatoon institution is a favorite among lovers of great food in the city. With three locations across Saskatoon, you're always well inside the delivery zone regardless of where the craving for this outstanding food hits you. With a broad range of offerings, including options from other Asian cuisines, your guaranteed a delicious evening at home if you're ordering from Thien tonight.


Red Swan Pizza

We know Red Swan isn't totally a local business, but they are so beloved by our team and our customers that we'd get angry letters if we didn't include them. For a classic pizza and a movie night in, something simple, delicious, and guaranteed to please, just turn on Netflix, grab a couple of slices and relax!


So grab some grub and hit the couch instead of the town tonight, cozy up in your Mainstreet apartment and chill instead of freezing outdoors!