November 1, 2021 / By: J. Smith

BIRDs Not Flying South For Winter

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There are few birds that don't migrate south for the brutal Canadian winter. They're indeed a rare breed, but these hardy creatures are here to stay, no matter how dark and cold the season gets. These are BIRD scooters, of course, which rather than leaving Calgary streets at the end of October like previous years, will be sticking around all year.

How are BIRD Scooters Allowed to Operate in Calgary through the Winter?

This is made possible for two main reasons:

  1. BIRD Canada's dedicated operations team collects, re-charges and re-deploys their scooters each night, so it has the ability to keep them inside if the forecast is calling for poor weather conditions the next day. This way, scooter riders will be kept safe when conditions are unfavourable for riding, while also making them available when there's very little snow or ice on the ground (as is often the case when Calgary gets its legendary winter Chinooks).
  2. BIRD's updated agreement with the City of Calgary now allows for year-round deployment, so long as conditions are safe enough for riders. Whereas previous years were limited to the summer months by the City, moving forward BIRD will have a year-round license which allows them to stay around for those nicer days through the winter months.

When Are Bird Scooters Ending in Edmonton?

In Edmonton, BIRD scooters will be found on the streets until the end of December, though will take a hiatus in the early part of the year as generally Edmonton snow accumulates more than it does in Calgary, making safe scootering generally not possible.

What's happening to Mainstreet's BIRD Promotion?

Mainstreet's 2021 #BuildYourNest campaign in partnership with BIRD was so popular, it's been extended through the fall and winter seasons. The promotion allows riders to scan a QR code on Mainstreet-branded scooters to get an exclusive move-in bonus offer on any Mainstreet suites in Calgary and Edmonton.

What Other Canadian Cities have BIRD Scooters?

BIRD Canada scooters have already landed in several cities in the Great White North, including Ottawa, Windsor, Calgary, Edmonton, Red Deer, and Okotoks. The company is hoping to soon expand their flock to other regions, such as British Columbia.