January 24, 2020 / By: J. Greenwell

Bowness: Beautiful and Booming

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Sitting alongside the beautiful Bow River, Bowness is one of Calgary's oldest communities with one of its youngest populations: over half of the community is under 40 years old. One of Canada's youngest communities in one of its youngest cities; and there's a reason why this community's population is expected to boom over the next twenty rising, rising nearly 30%.




It begins with the scenic beauty of the Bow River and the hugely popular century-old Bowness Park. The natural greenery, picnics in the park, and boats on the lagoon draw visitors all summer; and in winter hikers walk the trails as happy skaters glide across the lagoon. That's not even to mention the beautiful green spaces in Bowmont Park and Baker Park, also in the area. While we're on the subject, an entirely different kind of fun is in a park nearby, too: WinSport: Canada Olympic Park offers skiing, luging, bobsled, all kinds of winter sporting excitement.


Ranked in the top three of nearly 200 neighbourhoods in Calgary by Avenue Calgary magazine, the community is bursting with cultural and culinary amenities without having to get in the car. Walkable and transit-proximal, you can enjoy yourself without even noticing you've reduced your carbon footprint; those options are only going to increase with the population.


Culinary amenities include the renown NOtaBLE for higher-end fare, Cafe Momoko for some delicious far Eastern bites, Dell Cafe or Cafe Le Matin for a standout brunch or breakfast and Cadence Coffee for your caffeine needs, to mention only a few among many more options. With many schools and libraries as well, it's a great place for everyone.