November 12, 2015 / By: Sheena Keslick

BRRRRR… It’s Cold Outside! How to winterize your apartment & what not to forget

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Yes, it's here folks – winter is with us. Although lucky for us, it was a bit of a slow start, unless of course you love the snow!In the apartment business, every year I witness many unfortunate losses, many of which could have been prevented! Here is what you need to remember:

  1. Ensure that your windows are kept closed at all times.
  2. Ensure that your heat is turned on, even just a bit to ensure that water is running through the pipes. IF you can't hold onto the pipe the heat is working.
  3. Ensure that patio doors are kept closed. Heating lines generally run along the base of a patio door, a slight opening in a patio door can cause the pipe to freeze and burst.
  4. Keep blinds closed for extra warmth at night and during the day leave them open to allow for the sunshine, which will provide natural heat.


If you or your guests forget to turn on the heat, close the windows, keep the balcony door closed and the lines burst causing a major flood, the damage will need to be covered through your own personal tenant insurance. (Including any damage done to the building & all suites effected).If your neighbor forgets to turn on the heat, close the windows, keep the balcony door closed and the lines burst causing a major flood, the damage caused to your belongings will need to be covered through your personal tenant insurance. (Hopefully, your neighbor has insurance but there is no guarantee).Each winter I see many of our residents go through floods causing loss of personal items, missed work, loss of a home and so on. Many of these residents do not carry insurance. Mainstreet Equity does not cover personal belongings in the event of fire, flood or any other disaster that may occur.

Ensure that you contact your Resident Manager today to discuss Tenant Insurance, conveniently offered to our valued residents for a low cost of $15 per month. If you already have tenant insurance, congratulations! You are one step ahead of any disaster that may happen.

Enjoy your winter! Keep warm!


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