April 3, 2020 / By: T.Carron

Tips to Combat Boredom During the COVID-19 Isolation in your Apartment

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You, your dog, and your family, just like the rest of the world -- are in quarantine, shelter in place or some other form of lockdown, which means that your usual means of entertainment are probably off the table. Keeping yourself busy during these long days can be a challenge, or an opportunity to learn new things and get creative. In this post we are going to list of 10 things you can do, to help keep yourself busy in your Mainstreet apartment during the COVID-19 crisis.



Take a free online course 


One of your best friends during the isolation period and social distancing will definitely be the internet, I mean how would you even be reading this blog without it. On the internet, you can search for courses you previously maybe did not have time to take. Many universities and trusted websites are offering heavily discounted or courses during this time. Harvard University is even offering some free online courses.  Pick something you have always been interested in or explore new things. Who knows you may learn a new skill or too you can apply after all of this is over? 



Invent Something New or Helpful.


If you all of the sudden have a couple of extra hours or days of free time on your hands, why not get creative? Invent a new board game with the co-inhabitants of your apartment, think of new business ideas, think of ways to help the with the COVID-19 situation. Every little bit helps. During the last major economic crisis, companies like Airbnb and Uber were founded. So, get out your laptops and brainstorm, plan and learn.



Stream a live concert


During this period a lot of artists are continuing to perform their musical talents via webcam or phone. If you follow your favorite artists on social media, check for updates. Some of them are even going live on Instagram and doing performances for their followers. These can be incredibly entertaining, and you can watch your favorite band play live from the comfort of your bed. Better yet, learn how to play a new instrument, and do your own live streams on Instagram to entertain your friends…


Read a book or 12


Most of the above points we have touched on have had a common theme, they involve using a digital screen. Go to your storage room, bedside table drawer, or wherever you keep your books dust it off and pick one to read. This can help you disconnect for a while from the digital world we all live in today while still keeping yourself entertained. You may even learn a thing or two.

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Host a virtual get together with friends/family



Just because you are locked up in your apartment for the foreseeable future doesn't mean you can't still interact and socialize with your loved ones. Host a virtual games night, have a dance party, have a coffee with your parents. There are tons of programs out there like Zoom, Skype, and FaceTime that make communicating through your phone or computer a breeze.


How to Prepare a Virtual Game Night

Start with a simple game such as trivia. Your creativity isn't limited because there are many trivia night themes you can choose from. Another fun game is the classic pictionary.


Then, you'll need to decide how many people you'd like to invite, as this will narrow down the video chat service options at your disposal. 


We'd recommend using Discord because it has all the features most video chat services offer, though it has a bit of a learning curve to use. Keep in mind that Discord only allows 10 participants, which is still enough for most of us.


Zoom is more user-friendly, but unless you're going premium, you're limited to 40-minute sessions.



Learn how to cook something new


Learning to cook something completely new to you can be a fun challenge, and very rewarding. What's better than being able to make something else to snack on every 15 minutes while you are stuck at home. Also, don't forget to support local businesses during this time by ordering food on 3rdparty platforms like skip the dishes, or uber eats.


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We hope throughout this current global pandemic that everyone remains healthy and safe. Together we will push through this and emerge stronger, refreshed, and more knowledgeable. We hope you take some time to try new things and grow!