September 24, 2015 / By: Graham Coe

Creating Positive Energy in Mainstreet’s Head Office

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Feng shui is an ancient Asian art of placement developed thousands of years ago, which helps to enhance and improve the flow of energy through your environment. Feng shui (translated from Chinese meaning "wind" "water") is commonly known for its modern applications in interior and architectural design. The intent is to create an environment that supports and nurtures you. In an office setting, this means strategically positioning furniture and adding certain design elements to create a positive flow of energy that makes the workspace an enjoyable and productive place.


Recently at Mainstreet Head Office, we have undergone some renovations added elements of feng shui to our office, in order to create a positive work environment for our employees during this period of economic recession. Our goal was to maximize the positive energy in the workspace of our 110-year-old office building located in Calgary's beltline.

In order to improve the flow of energy and harmony in our office we have:

  1. Eliminated walls in order to create one large open-concept space
  2. Exposed all brick wall and wooden beam to reveal the building's beauty
  3. Installed a water fountain to infuse negative ions into the air and to add the peaceful sound of water into the office
  4. Added new white desks that symbolize peace and add clean, smooth lines to the office
  5. Accented our décor with buddhas to add spirituality to the space


Water fountain


We also noticed (by luck) that a number of departments and elements in our office fit nicely into the feng shui energy map shown below, adding more positive energy to our work environment.



Feng Shui Energy Map


N: CEO and Founder's office – helps to support our careers

NE: CEO's Boardroom – where a number of important growth-oriented meetings occur on both a business and personal level

E: MEQ kitchen – located in the eastern portion of our basement so staff can keep their bodies and minds energized throughout the day

SE: MEQ Accounting team – helps keep MEQ the top-performing company on the real estate index

S: MEQ Operations team – our frontline staff and face of the company in the public eye

SW: MEQ HR – keeping the love and positive energy of employees (we are still working on ideas for 'marriage')

W: MEQ Marketing team – constantly coming up with creative ways to market our assets and company

NW: CEO's Executive Assistant, MEQ Acquisitions, Office Manager – providing helpful support to a number of different departments throughout the office

We hope our efforts continue to create a positive work environment, incorporate harmony into our office, promote the health of our employees, and keep morale high at MEQ.



8 ft. Buddha at Mainstreet HQ


Mainstreet Equity Corp. is a publicly-traded (TSX: MEQ) residential real estate company in Canada. Mainstreet currently owns and operates properties in Surrey, BC; New Westminster, BC; Abbotsford, BC; Calgary, AB; Cochrane, AB; Lethbridge, AB; Edmonton, AB; Fort Saskatchewan, AB; and Saskatoon, SK.

Mainstreet provides affordable, renovated apartment suites to Canadians, and is committed to creating real value without diluting shareholder interests.

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