October 2, 2015 / By: Priyan Khosla

Dress for success

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Dressing for a job, an interview etc. is a source of anxiety for everyone at some point in their career. Each company is different, so it can be nerve-racking not knowing what the proper dress code is, what you can and can't wear. You want to make the best impression, of course, and your clothes say a lot about you.When I was in business school our professors used to give us tips on this every other day. Also my role model, my hard working dad, would always to tell me, starting from when I was 16, to dress up nice when I go out, and from that day on I started to learn alot about this and I now have tons of tips to get your wardrobe right in a professional setting – without sacrificing style, of course.Starting from bottom:

Tip#1 Footwear

  • Choose Brown shoes, brown shoes look sharper on your personality
  • Make sure they are polished
  • Laces should be well tied up all the time
  • Your socks should match with your pants

Tip#2 Dress Pants

  • Well cut and classically styled pants will make you look sharper at work. Make sure they have that crisp crease.
  • Pant leg should hit the top of the shoe and reach just below the tip of the back of the heel

Tip#3 Belts

  • A belt should match your shoe color
  • Dress belts should have a 1-1.5 inches of leather to the left of the buckle once it's fastened.

Tip#4 Elegant Watch

  • Chose a thin strap watch if you are wearing only a dress shirt and pants. If the strap color matches with your belt and shoe color – bonus points.
  • If you are wearing a suit choose a big dial metal or gold plated watch.

Tip#5 Dress Shirt

  • White, black and light blue cotton dress shirts are the backbone to a sharp wardrobe. All these colors make up approximately 90% of the dress shirts sold worldwide and any of these colors look good on most complexions and body types.
  • Do a collar test to determine the right fit: one finger in the collar is the right size.

Finally, with the professional wardrobe, make sure your beard is trimmed or shaved and your hairstyle is on tip.

Glad my Saskatoon team dresses up as professionally as I do. Don't forget to put your Mainstreet Blazers on. Every day is a great day at Mainstreet!

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