September 22, 2015 / By: Karen Engel

Email vs. Phone: Pick up the Phone and Call

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While it is generally true that older generations prefer to call a person directly, and younger generations tend to send off an email instead, there are pros and cons to both methods of communication in the office. On busy days, I receive upwards of 100 emails, and my executives easily have double that. I tend to receive 15 phone calls a day and make more than 20 a day.

So what are the pros and cons of email and phone calls?


Pros of phone calls

  1. More personable
  2. Able to develop a more in-depth rapport
  3. Multiple topics can easily be discussed in one session
  4. Misunderstandings can be dealt with quickly

Cons for phone calls

  1. No proof of agreements or conclusions made
  2. Informal
  3. Unable to get ahold of a person


Pros of Email

  1. Information is clearly on the screen
  2. Can be read/sent at any time of day

Cons of email

  1. Impersonal
  2. Greater risk of error with a large number of back and forth emails


Email or Phone call? It boils down to two factors, the preference of the person you are contacting, as well as the type of information you want to get across.

If you are not sure if the person you are contacting prefers email or phone calls, you should ask them their preference.

And if the message is long and detailed, an email would be a better solution.

Personally, if dealing with other executive assistants, I send a quick summary email and ask them to call me when they have a minute to discuss the situation.

But remember, the best solution if you are dealing with someone in your physical office, is to get up and go talk with them directly.


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