April 10, 2019 / By: Dustin Rennie

How to Choose the Right Apartment Floor Plan

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If you are looking for a new apartment, then you already know that there is a lot of research that goes into this important decision. But did you know that your apartment's floor plan is just as important as the location of the apartment building or even the size of the apartment as a whole? Let's take a closer look at the 4 important factors to keep in mind when choosing an apartment floor plan; keeping these factors in mind will help you choose the right floor plan for your needs.

Understanding Apartment and Room Dimensions

It's not enough to know the overall square footage of a prospective apartment. You also need to know the room dimensions of each room and living space. Why? Because even a seemingly small detail such as a living room that is 3 feet smaller than your current living room could impact your enjoyment of the living space-and your wallet. If the new floor plan has shorter dimensions than your current floor plan, you may end up having to buy new furniture that will fit in your new space.

Analyze the Layout

Another factor to consider when choosing an apartment floor plan is the layout. Where are the rooms located? You will want to pay particular attention to the location of the bedroom or bedrooms; if you have a roommate, for instance, you will likely not want to share a wall with them so you can have added privacy. Also, consider the location of the bathroom: will you bedroom be absorbing bathroom noise (showers-to say nothing of toilets) every evening and in the middle of the night? Look for any seeming small layout details such as these that could impact your choice.

Find Out Your Storage Options

If you don't have adequate storage, your apartment will quickly become a cluttered mess-and who wants that? That is why it's vital that you check out the storage options in every apartment. For instance, what are the dimensions of the kitchen cupboards? Will there be space for adding bookshelves and cabinets? How big are the closets? If you won't have enough storage space in the apartment, look for a floor plan that has more room for additional storage like shelves and cabinets.

Find Out Where the Windows Are Located

This is a small detail with crucial consequences: where are the windows in the apartment located? Natural sunlight helps a space look bigger and, most importantly, is beneficial for your mental and physical well-being. Does the apartment have windows that let in plenty of natural lighting? What views do the windows overlook? Will the windows be a prime target for nosy neighbors? The location and size of the windows could mean the difference between enjoying a warm afternoon basking in the sunlight and being stuck staring at a brick wall.

Choosing an Apartment Layout

Shopping for a new apartment is a difficult decision, especially when it comes to choosing an apartment floor plan. With the above factors in mind, however, you will be well-prepared for choosing the right apartment floor plan for you. At Mainstreet, we have a variety of apartment buildings with nearly endless floorplans. Contact a member of our leasing team to view an array of our apartment layout.