May 18, 2018 / By: Dustin Rennie

How To Decorate & Arrange A Bachelor Suite

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Most people dread the thought of having to live in an itty bitty bachelor-style apartment. While everything is crammed in a large, open space, that doesn't mean that you cannot decorate your bachelor suite. It's been done - and you can turn the empty, wide space into a cozy and fun apartment.

That's right - stick to the following decoration tips to add more character, oomph, and style to your bachelor suite.

  • Partition Your Suite Using Walls

Walls in a bachelor suite can make it seem cluttered, choppy, and a little claustrophobic. But, there is a slew of walling solutions out there that can take care of that. Instead of going for traditional walls, use window, beams, curtains, or large shelving units to create snazzy walls. This way, you can add dividers to your apartment without making it look too small.


  • Take Advantage Of Furniture

If you're not into putting up a wall right in the middle of your suite, but still want to map out "rooms," your furniture can come in handy. That's right; you can organize your furniture in such a way that it creates the illusion of rooms. For example, you can have the couch facing away from the kitchen and dresser facing towards the bed to create a "kitchen" and "bedroom" areas respectively. You can do the same with stands, shelves, shoe racks, coffee tables, cabinets, and so on - the possibilities are unlimited.


  • The Walls Are Your Canvas

Standing decor and wall art can help you breathe more life into your bachelor suite. However, you don't want to go overboard with framed pictures, paints, and other pieces of wall art. More importantly, you need to bring in wall art that goes well with your apartment's themes, colours, and other interior decor elements.


  • Avoid Clutter

Disorganized furniture, clothes thrown all over, and other clutter can kill the buzz and vibe in your apartment. Find creative ways to tuck away your stuff so that your suite can look and feel cozy. Oftentimes that means taking advantage of shelving units, drawers, cabinets, and baskets.


  • Lighting Is Your BFF - Use It To Your Advantage

The last thing you want to do is hang heavy drapes or curtains over your apartment's windows. A bachelor-style suite feels dusky and empty already - don't make it worse. Instead, add hanging lights to add character, brighten, and fill your space.


  • Consider Colours Carefully

If your bachelor suite has few windows, it is crucial that you avoid dark colours that'll make your apartment feel somber. In addition to hanging more lights, give your apartment a coat of paint in any shade of yellow or white. These colours will add more accent, brighten up the spaces, and complement your decor.