June 4, 2018 / By: Dustin Rennie

How To Study & Live In Canada

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Canada consistently attracts tens of thousands of foreign students a year. The culture, way of life, education system and roll in the international community are all factors that drive students to Canada.

There are numerous reasons why Canada is a top preferred destination for people in search of quality education. Canada is home to world-class learning institutions. Canada is also very welcoming to people of foreign nationalities. The crime levels are almost non-existent on college campuses and low even in the cities. As a developed nation, Canada has one of the best living standards in the world, with good social and health amenities. How can one study and live in Canada? Here are a few tips and guidelines to study and live in Canada.

School Program Application

An application to study at a recognized learning institution is the first step. These are called Designated Learning Institutions (DLIs). This must be done in your home country. If you are applying to join a university, you should do the application at least one year before finishing college. If you are applying to join a primary or secondary school, the application period is at least six months.

It is mandatory to get accepted to the school before attempting to obtain a student visa. Different learning institutions have different requirements for foreign students. Generally, you must be able to pay your tuition and accommodation costs, health insurance, and pass language tests. It is important to talk to the admissions office of the school you want to attend to get these requirements clearly.

Student Expenses

There are additional costs part of tuition and insurance. You will have to show that you can live without bothering the Canadian government and being a burden to the authorities. You need to account for books, transportation, entertainment, and other miscellaneous costs. This is best estimated by talking to someone at the institution, or even better, someone already living in Canada.

Student Study Visa

You will need a student visa if your course will run for longer than six months. This is exempt if you are directly related to an ambassador in Canada or someone serving in the Canadian armed forces. A student visa application request should be made at the nearest Canadian embassy.

Once a student visa has been issued, it allows you to study and live in Canada for the duration of the course plus 90 days when it elapses. A student visa has restrictions on what you can do when in Canada. While you are restricted from working, you can get into the student employment program if your institution runs one.

You can apply for permanent residence status when your studies near completion. There are many foreigners who have become full Canadian citizens through this route.

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