June 18, 2015 / By: Johnny Lam

Living Life Large: Johnny Lam, CFO & COO, Mainstreet Equity Corp.

Personal Interest, Human Resources
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My Favourite Food

I am a food venturer and love to try different types of food; a lot of people ask me what types of food I like the most. My answer is very simple – "Natural Favour". I am a strong believer of natural goodness. I always choose vegetables that grow naturally, animals that run freely, birds that fly freely and fish that swim freely. Not many people think about that when they choose their food, you should try and then you will know exactly what I mean.

My Favourite Restaurant

Which is my favourite restaurant? I cannot answer this question because I never choose a restaurant, but rather, a chef. This is my little secret, and I'd like to share it with everybody. When you are looking for a good restaurant, try to go to a restaurant a couple of hours before the closing time on Monday or Tuesday when the restaurant is normally not busy. When a waitress asks for your order, tell her that you do not want to order anything off the menu and ask to talk to the chef.

If you do that, you should be able to find out if this will be your favourite restaurant based on one of the following answers:

  • The chef is busy and cannot come to talk to you;
  • The chef has nothing more to offer but what is on the menu;
  • The chef offers you some special food for special a price;
  • The chef is excited and passionate for someone to sit at his table who is also excited and passionate about food and offers you some special but inexpensive food.

You are a smart person, I am sure that you are able to choose your favourite restaurant now.

Why the word "stress" has never been in my dictionary

I can never understand why so many people are under stress all the time. We all know that life is short and there have been so many unavoidable natural disasters and sicknesses that we all have to face and deal with in the walk of our lives. Why add more stress to yourself?

When do you think that you will be stress-free? I believe that 90% of the people will say when they can get whatever they want. If this is your answer too, congratulations, you will be free of stress forever as long as you know a small little trick – which is "WHAT DO YOU WANT?" Everyone can control what they want and there is no reason that you cannot prepare yourself a wish list that is 100% achievable within your means. In other words, there is no reason for any of you have any stress.

Opera Singing

I love music and singing since I was born, rock, country, jazz… you name it. Many years ago, I had an opportunity to watch an opera performance, since then, I have been deeply in love with opera singing and giving up all other types of music. A lot of people were wondering why a young man, like me, likes opera, which is generally considered as an out of fashion and music only for seniors. I cannot really explain, but to me, opera is a combined art of singing and acting. You are not singing a song but a story. For you to sing well in opera, you must know the story, the characteristic of all persons in the story. The magic comes when you slowly forget about yourself and become the person in the story in the performance. You are effectively bringing yourself out of the reality and entering to a completely different world. Depending on which story and which character you choose to perform, you can make your own dreams come true and live in your dream world while singing opera.


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Mainstreet provides affordable, renovated apartment suites to Canadians, and is committed to creating real value without diluting shareholder interests.

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