October 20, 2015 / By: Shawn LeBlanc

Living the Life in Abbotsford, BC

Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canadian Cities
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I have to admit, living in Abbotsford, the "City in the Country", makes me feel kind of spoiled. I've lived in a number of cities between Saskatchewan and British Columbia. And, by far, I truly have all I could ever want right here in Abbotsford and neighbouring areas. Abbotsford is full of businesses and has become one of BCs more sought after and desirable communities. 

On a whim, just a couple hours drive away, I can be skiing at some of the world's top ski slopes at Whistler Blackcomb. The next day, when I'm feeling a little sore, I make my way through some beautiful scenery and end up soaking in what the First Nation's call the "healing place" in Harrison.

Every type of outdoor adventure I can think of is close by and there for me to enjoy anytime I want and always with the added bonus of BC's picturesque scenery.

I don't go hungry here with all of the fantastic food options, from fine dining of all ethnic varieties (including some of the best sushi, ever) to unique restaurants only found in Abbotsford. When I feel the urge to cook something special, fresh produce is just down the street, fresh meat from our local butcher, fresh seafood at our local market and fresh dairy gives me all of the options I could possibly desire. One of my favourite things to make is poutine, with self-cut fries from the vegetable market, fresh cheese curds from our dairy farm and homemade gravy – mmmmm soooo good!! When passing through, I urge you to try the local sausage from our butcher, so good lots of restaurants use it in their dishes. And what goes better with a perfectly home-cooked meal? A bottle of wine of course, produced at one of the many local vineyards. (I love the wine tours as well, they're informative sessions in beautiful surroundings and sell wine at prices below the gov't liquor stores.)Yes, life I think doesn't get much better than living in Abbotsford.

The weather you ask? Never too hot and never too cold, just the way I like it.


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