December 6, 2018 / By: Dustin Rennie

Moving To Edmonton

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Edmonton, Alberta is a popular place to move; the city is filled with cultural attractions, shopping, entertainment districts, and plenty to do for both locals and visitors alike. Before you move to Edmonton, there are a few things you need to know about living in the city as well as tips on how to move there without breaking your bank account.

About Edmonton

Edmonton is the capital of Alberta and, as such, it boasts some of the most valuable and varied attractions in the province. The city features attractions that range from art, historical sites, sporting teams/events, entertainment, as well as a number of popular tourist attractions. There are currently more than 30 festivals that occur in Edmonton every year, including the renowned International Fringe Theatre Festival and the popular International Street Performer's Festival. One of the most popular national and international tourist attractions is the West Edmonton Mall, which is the largest shopping mall in all of North America.

The city itself has a population of about 930,000, which makes it the 2nd most populated city in Alberta; it is also the 5th most populated city in Canada as a whole. In terms of weather, Edmonton's temperature and climate can vary from season to season. In the summer, there are an astounding 17 hours of daylight and temperatures tend to be around 20-30 degrees Celsius; in the winter, temperatures of -10 degrees Celsius are common in the daytime, but temperatures can get as low as -30 or -40. Excellent winter clothing is a must for anyone moving to Edmonton. As a whole, if you love sunlight, you're in luck: Edmonton has an average of 325 sunny days a year, so you'll be seeing plenty of sunshine.

Things to Know About Edmonton

  • You'll need to figure out the transit system. 

Edmonton has an excellent transit system that is essential for commuting to work or other locations around the city. The Transit System includes both buses and trains, as well as a light rail system that extends past the bus and train lines.

  • Edmonton is notorious for mosquitoes. 

There are over 30 species of mosquitoes native to Edmonton, and they can be notorious especially in the warmer months. Mosquito nets, mosquito screens, repellent candles and repelling spray are a must.

  • You'll have to navigate plenty of tourists.

4.4 million tourists visit the city each year, so be prepared to deal with tourists, especially to popular places and during festivals.

Buying or Renting in Edmonton

Buying or renting a residence in Edmonton can vary in size, cost, and convenience depending on the type of residence you're interested in, where you need to live in order to access your workplace, as well as your budget. There is a wide range of available residences and apartments for rent in Edmonton Rental properties include new homes, mansions, historic homes, condos, apartment buildings and much more. As a whole, Edmonton is more affordable than other large Canadian cities. You can find the average price of various neighborhoods online, so make sure to do your research before you head into the city to start apartment or house hunting. If you are looking at Edmonton apartments for rent contact Mainstreet Equity and learn about our various Edmonton properties and locations.