March 17, 2016 / By: Destiny Daly

Personal Development as a Millennial

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Being a millennial, it is easy to get surrounded and drowned in the ideal that 'I am able to achieve anything if I put my mind to it'. For the generation of millennials, understanding that you do not get a trophy for not trying, or encouragement for each failure, can be tough.

The idea of 'working your way up' may be a hard pill to swallow. Not everyone enters the workforce with a seat at the biggest table, where all your ideas and opinions are valued. The most important area in which to focus when building a career and working towards your future is your own personal development.

Personal development can have a variety of meanings. Whether it be improving self-awareness, employability, lifestyle, social abilities, improving skills, or learning new ones. The fundamental of this development is choosing to focus on what you want in life. Then break it down into smaller pieces to which you can set both short-term and long-term goals.

Here are 3 steps to take to begin your personal development plan

  • Be willing to make mistakes and embrace criticisms.

Making mistakes and being criticized is only negative if you choose to interpret it that way. Instead, come up with a plan not to repeat that mistake. This can be both positive and skill-building. Next, determine the root cause for the criticism. If it is caused by your behavior look to making minor behavioral modifications. An example could be that your team members find you to be abrasive. You may not think you are an abrasive person, but take some time to analyze the way you speak and the words you use. You can make significant changes to other people's impression of you by eliminating the words in which you use and softening your tone.

  • These changes take dedicated commitment and do not happen overnight.

If you decide you want to learn a language, listening to one audiobook in Spanish does not suddenly make you fluent. If you did wish to learn a skill like a language, you have to break it down into its simplest form. Start by learning the very basics until you can build sentences on that. The same goes for self-improvement. Start by setting small goals that are achievable, as well as set a long term goal. This makes the task rewarding along the way before you can see the full result.

  • It is important to be realistic with your goals.

I cannot wake up and decide I want to be an Olympic gymnast, and give up after I manage to do one pull up. Embrace that you cannot achieve anything if you do not have the aptitude for it, or are not willing to work hard. You will not be an illustrator if you cannot draw. Try new things until you find something you are good at, then focus on making that thing better. Athletes go through rigorous training rituals, and diets specific to their training, not only have they began with a natural talent, from there they will design their body to meet those needs. This can be implemented for training the mind as well.

  • The most important thing overall is your attitude.

Do not allow yourself to get discouraged or to miss out on the positive aspects of life, no matter what position you find yourself in. A negative perspective breed's negativity. A positive perspective breeds positivity. No matter what position you find yourself in life, having a positive attitude and finding happiness in the smallest way can keep this experience to be a fulfilling one and allow you to grow.


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