August 14, 2015 / By: Karen Engel

Pet-friendly Mainstreet Apartments: Tips to help you and your dog

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You live in a Mainstreet apartment and want a have a dog? Worried about the space, neighbours, barking, and commitment? Follow these tips to keep you and your dog happy.


Find out any pet restrictions for your building

In most Mainstreet apartments, we allow (2) dogs up to 20 pounds each, however, we have breed restrictions. Just because a dog is small does not mean they adapt easily to apartment living. Barking can be a huge issue with certain breeds. Review the pet restrictions before moving into any apartment, or before bringing home a dog into your rental apartment.  Let your resident manager know in advance, as there may be additional charges that you will have to pay. Mainstreet charges a one-time pet fee of $200 per pet, and $25 per month per pet (in addition to your rent).



Dogs need routines. Feed your dog twice a day, at the same times each day. Make sure to go for walks around the same time each day, so they get used to going the bathroom at the same time each day, and they expect when this normally happens. In apartments, you may want to get some training pads and patches of fake grass to help with training and/or accidents when you are away.


Be a good neighbour

First rule, pick up after your dog and then dispose of the bag in the correct spots when walking your dog. No one wants to step in doggy doo, and if your neighbours see you not pick up after your dog, you will not be liked in your building. Introduce your dog to your neighbours, let them make friends with other dogs in the building. Training your dog is very important; attend a class close to you for some great tips.



Sitting around your apartment all day alone is boring for anyone; your dog needs outlets to get rid of energy, or he will become bored and destroy your furniture. So this means walking your dog at least twice a day. It is great exercise for you, and also a great way to meet your neighbours and other dog owners. Depending on how energetic your dog is, you will need more walks. Look for off-leash parks near your apartment, these allow your dog to really burn off lots of energy in a safe environment. Try to aim to visit an off-leash park at least twice a week. Keep lots of toys and Kongs filled with treats to keep your dog busy. Invest in a dog walker or doggy daycare.


Dog Walkers/ Doggy Daycare

For my Hungarian Vizsla, I had either a daily dog walker or took him to a doggy daycare each workday. The dog walker was great, because it tired him out, he played with other dogs, and it made sure my place was not destroyed from boredom. Doggy daycare is similar, except you drop your dog off before work, and pick up an exhausted happy dog after work each day. Both can be expensive, and you have to choose a walker/place carefully. Dog walkers cost between $10-25 per day, and a doggy daycare costs $20-$35 each day. If this is too much, consider 1-2 days per week, on the same day each week, to make sure your dog is well socialized and as a treat to them.


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