April 17, 2018 / By: Dustin Rennie

Reasons People Are Moving To Saskatchewan

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Over recent years the province of Saskatchewan has seen a surge in population and economic growth. The province has become a destination for immigrants and business.

If you are looking to move to Saskatchewan to live or work, you are not alone. In that over the past 5 years, there has been a burgeoning number of people relocating to the province. With a vibrant economy supported by potash, minerals, oil & gas, the news comes as no big surprise. Of course, there's more to Saskatchewan than a flat prairie land and cold winters. The region boasts of enticing wages, lots of employment opportunities, favorable government, and fast economic growth. It's no wonder several startups have set up shop in the heart of the prairies.

With that said, here are some of the top 5 reasons why more and more people are flocking to the province.

#1. Plenty of Job Opportunities

Did you know that Saskatchewan has one of the lowest unemployment rates in Canada? That's right; the rate staggers at around 3.9%, while the national average is about 7 %. With more and more startups and companies settling in this area, the unemployment rate will continue being relatively low, making Saskatchewan jobseekers magnet.

#2. Ample Salary

For the past five years, the average weekly wage for Saskatchewan workers has stood around $970, making it the third-best in the country. Another advantage is that the median salary has also been steadily increasing for the past decade. Seeing Saskatchewan's growth during a time of national struggle places even more faith in the up and coming province.

#3. Vibrant Economic Growth and Population

Saskatchewan is home to some of the fastest-growing cities in the country, including Regina and Saskatoon. In fact, the latter is the second-fastest burgeoning city in Canada with a steady year over year growth rate of over 4 percent. The population of Saskatchewan is also blooming, with Millenials and immigrants lighting the way.

#4. Favourable Immigration Policies and Help

Every year, Saskatchewan welcomes more than 9,000 immigrants from over 180 nations across the globe. What attracts immigrants to the province is its friendly Provincial Nominee Program that is designed to make immigration easy for people with experience and skills that are in high demand. What's more - Saskatchewan has for the past decade had more individuals relocating to the province from other regions of the country than those leaving.

#5. The Graduate Retention Program

The Graduate Retention Program is Saskatchewan's bold move to make the province the go-to place for recently graduated students. It's essentially a credit (with both refundable and nonrefundable portions) that refunds up to $20,000 of tuition fees shelled out by post-secondary graduates who work and live in the province for 7 or more years after graduation.


There you are – 5 reasons why people are moving to Saskatchewan. On top of that, the province also has myriads of fabulous things to see and do, if you are looking to relocate or immigrate to Saskatchewan contact Mainstreet Equity to learn about Regina apartments for rent and Saskatoon apartments for rent.