November 25, 2019 / By: J. Greenwell

Saskatchewan Serious About Growth

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The Government of Saskatchewan released its plans for the province's next decade at a Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce meeting on November 14. Focused on growing both the population and the economy, the pragmatic plan strives to add 100,000 jobs and 226,000 people to the province by 2030. 

With a current population of 1.174 million, the party has set itself an ambitious but achievable agenda to ensure Saskatchewan's continued growth over the next decade. In order to ensure the success of their strategy, the Government has hired former Prime Minister Stephen Harper's firm to advise. 

The goals of the plan include increasing the province's exports by a full 50%, growing agri-food exports by $20 billion, tripling the size of the Saskatchewan tech sector, and increasing oil production to 600,000 barrels a day.  Additionally, former PM Harper will help the province re-open it's trade offices in India, Japan, and Singapore to ensure they have a strong presence in markets where they can greatly increase their exports.

The Government also announced they were rolling back provincial levies on exploratory and downhole drilling, something designed to increase exploration to help increase production, creating new jobs at the same time.

Mainstreet believes in the strength of this plan as reflected through our continued acquisitions in the province. As the population and economy continue to grow, we're perfectly situated to grow alongside the economy, and to house the hundreds of thousands of new Saskatchewanians the plan will attract.

For more information check out the CBC Article.


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