June 27, 2016 / By: Onai Abote

Storage hacks for apartment living

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Until I came to Canada, I never fully understood why storage was such an issue – in this part of the world. It is only after I had settled into my own apartment that I finally understood how space and extra storage is actually a big deal.

I also realized that as I change my wardrobe accordingly due to the very different seasons (bear in mind I am coming from 2 seasons – 5 degree minimum winter and a 40 degree maximum summer only) I needed, as do most Albertans enough storage to keep my "out of season" clothing and most of my library.

This led me to IKEA, which has storage solutions to any storage issues. I found a variety of storage options that would look trendy and elegant in any home, regardless of décor or themes.

Depending on the size of one's apartment, having a television stand that also doubles as a bookshelf can be a great solution. As a preference, I would prefer a not-so-big television stand that will allow other features in the apartment to stand out. I have seen huge television units that fill up a complete side of a wall. I sincerely believe that "less is more'' and that humongous thing for me is just too hectic.

There are some people who prefer having a separate bookshelf, and again this varies with how much space one is working with. Personally, once I get a bigger home, I would certainly prefer to have a separate bookshelf, which also gives the option to add décor accessories such as vases, picture frames, and little ornaments – adding color and elegance to a space.


For the lounge, a footstool with storage is also a great piece to add. It allows you to store some of those books and anything else that just can't be put out there!

I have also noticed that most bedrooms (with the exception of the master bedroom) are very small.

One way to maximize the little space that you have would be to consider a bed with storage units. This reduces having an overly crowded bedroom and gives the room a clean look.

For those who like me, have children, you would understand how quick and easy your house can turn into a chaotic looking disaster, with toys strewn everywhere in a matter of minutes, having a toy storage box in a common area or the child/children's bedroom becomes imperative for a quick clean up. And this quick clean up should be done by the "minions" themselves!

These are some options that will allow one to have a home that is not cluttered, allowing a flare of elegance to prevail. All these options from IKEA are also very reasonably priced, making it easy for your pocket. And always remember that less in more!

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