September 4, 2015 / By: Manpreet Saluja

Study Abroad To-Do List for International Students

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Study Abroad To-Do List for International Students

Travelling abroad for studies can be an exciting event for all international students. The most interesting element that creates a lot of curiosity within the minds of a student is the thought of visiting a new place, meeting new friends and interacting with people that are raised in a completely different atmosphere. Although there can be some tough situations that you were not expecting while planning your trip, so in order to be prepared for these rough times I have created a 'To-Do' list which might be helpful for students.


Essential items

Create a small bag of essential and most important items before you leave your home. I know the things that I am going to list might seem pretty obvious but often we forget these items, remember mid-way and rush back home to get them. Here goes my list of essential items:

  1. First and foremost is your passport. Also make sure that you have all required study visas attached. Make some copies of your passport and study visa just in case you may need one.
  2. Keep your itinerary along with your passport and have these documents on hand till the time you board the flight.
  3. Pack all your educational certificates and ID that are important.
  4. Prepare a small kit of essential medicines that you might need while travelling.
  5. Send information to your University or College about your arrival. Request for assistance in regards to lodging and transportation arrangements.
  6. Have a laptop with you as their will be a lot of assignments during the semesters.
  7. Carry a phone in case there is an emergency.
  8. Carry an outlet adapter charger for your laptops and your phone as you might need a different adapter in the host country.
  9. Carry some cash on hand, but not more than $500 in local currency.
  10. Deodorant/ Perfume in the handbag (not more than 100 ml per bottle due to flight restrictions).
  11. Moisturizer or cream if you are travelling to a colder country.
  12. One thing you may or may not get is the international driver's license (does come in handy sometimes).



My advice to all students is to pack wisely. We often go overboard with our packing as we feel everything is important. But please, pack enough clothes that may cover you for a couple of weeks.

  1. Pack winter jackets and thermal wears (two of each when travelling to cold countries)
  2. Shirts (2 formal shirts and 3 casual shirts)
  3. T-Shirts (5 to 6)
  4. Jeans/ Skirts (2 to 3 pairs)
  5. Night wear (2 to 3 pairs)
  6. 2 pairs of shoes (one dress and one sport shoe)
  7. 1 pair of flip flops
  8. Cold weather gear (gloves/ hat/ scarf will come in handy)
  9. Undergarments (2 weeks' worth)
  10. Socks ( 2 weeks' worth and get some woolen socks)



With regards to the utensils, it comes down to personal choice. When I first came to Canada it was very easy to find all the utensils that we used back home due to the significant presence of my community in this country. My only advice to you all is that, try to do some research before leaving home and if you are able to find things that you need to prepare a proper meal in the host country then please avoid filling your bags with utensils. You can carry smaller utensils to save some initial cost but avoid large bowls that maybe space consuming.


Housing/ Apartment Search

The most important part of your job before you begin your schooling life is to secure a place to live. This is by far the most difficult thing that I had to do as I did not know anyone when I first landed here, and I am speaking from my own experience, that places rent faster than you can imagine; when you come in during peak seasons where everyone is trying to find a place to live. So if you don't want to end up living with a roommate that you hate – begin your search before arrival. Mainstreet Equity Corp. is one such company that has come up with a 'student program' where it helps international students to secure a place even before their arrival. We offer interesting incentives on Security Deposits and also arrange for airport pick-ups.

To get more info please visit our student housing page.

Hope you found my tips interesting and helpful. What items would you add to my list?


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