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Things to do and Places To See in Regina

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Things To Do And Places To See In Regina

Exploring the capital city of Saskatchewan can be a rewarding and thrilling experience. Intertwined in the "Queen City" are parks, restaurants, sporting facilities, museums, and more. In this post, our mission is to fill you in on some of our favourite places and things to see in Regina. And hopefully encourage you to see the beautiful city of Regina in ways you have never before.

Warehouse District

First on the list is the Warehouse District. This area of Regina is home to some of the oldest architecture in the city. With a rich history behind it, dating back to the early 1900s. A good majority of these buildings have been restored into local business strongholds and trendy eateries. If you are looking to discover your perfect Instagram moment look no further than the Warehouse District. Lined with night clubs, bars and restaurants the warehouse district is the place to go for entertainment in Regina.


Regina Pats Game

Regina is home to the Pats Hockey Club, a WHL (Western Hockey League) squad. Games are affordable and packed with action you would expect from a top tier junior club. The Arena is called the Brandt Centre, a 6000-seat stadium located at 700 Elphinstone Street. Mainstreet has apartments in Regina within minutes from the arena.


Wascana Center Park

Wascana Park is the perfect place to spend a whole day wandering around in. Approximately 9.3KM in size, you could practically spend all day in this massive park. It is the 4th Largest urban park in Canada and is actually larger than NYC's Central Park. Inside the park sits 3 landmarks that we will actually discuss later in this post like the Royal Saskatchewan Museum, Saskatchewan Science Centre and The University of Regina. Speaking of the University of Regina, Mainstreet has student housing options within minutes from the University of Regina. The park also hosts many local events, festivals and gatherings that take place periodically throughout the year. In case all of that isn't enough to convince you to spend some time in Wascana, it is also built around the Wascana lake. Which you can sit along and have a picnic if you please.


Saskatchewan Legislative Building

This is a must when visiting Regina. The building itself is an architectural masterpiece built-in 1908. You can actually take a tour of the inside of the building as well. The building is absolutely beautiful in all seasons, but especially in the warmer months when they landscape the property with flowers as far as you can see. The building is located at the west end of the Wascana Lake and can be seen from the previously mentioned Wascana Park.


Regina Floral Conservatory

Open seasonally, the Regina Floral Conservatory is a stunning place to visit during the summertime. Vibrant plants, trees and floral displays provide a unique setting for visitors and residents of Regina to enjoy. Take in the therapeutic smells of all of the lush greenery in the indoor conservatory, and don't forget to bring your camera along with you to capture the natural beauty of the space.


Royal Saskatchewan Museum

Regina is home to one of the largest museums in Canada. Established in 1906, the museum has a rich history of business and education centred around Regina. The museum has a collection size of over 3.5 million, which includes 3 million archaeological artifacts. This is the perfect spot to take your loved ones for a day of fun. Royal Saskatchewan Museum also has an Earth Sciences Gallery, First Nations gallery, and a Life Sciences gallery for you to view.

Cathedral Village

The most up and coming area in Regina to visit is "Cathedral Village". Regina's hub for art festivals and foodies. Named Cathedral Village because of its close proximity to the Holy Rosary Cathedral, which is also a must-see if you decide to visit the area. You can find some of the most delicious brunch, and dinner spots in all of Regina in this area. There is also no shortage of nightlife in the village, it plays host to many local bars, taverns and clubs. There are also tons of murals scattered across 13th avenue that provide you with a very unique urban vibe when walking the area. The cathedral district is just outside of the downtown core of Regina, which makes it a popular destination for business as well. For more information about the brilliant artwork in the Cathedral Village check out the CTV Regina Unofficial Art Walking tour.


From museums to nightlife, to street art Regina has a lot to offer in terms of entertainment. We hope you take the time to experience it from a different perspective. Get out the door and start exploring, the city of Regina awaits.