November 15, 2022

Top 7 Apartment Hacks

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Apartment hacks can turn bland and boring into bold and beautiful. At Mainstreet we want you to get the absolute most out of your home, so we’ve put together this list of the top apartment hacks that will turn your place into your palace.

These tips are great for everyone, regardless of whether you’re living in a bachelor apartment in Saskatoon or a townhouse in Edmonton. We know there are some great other tips out there, so please share anything you think we’ve missed!

1. Talk to your resident manager
Before starting any work which could result in extra charges when you move out, it’s a good idea to connect with your building manager to let them know what you’re planning on doing and to determine how best to do it without incurring extra charges when you move out. Remember that no matter how beautiful a place is, companies generally have to return it to its initial state before they re-rent it. They’ll appreciate you reaching out in advance, and may be able to suggest creative workarounds that will avoid those punishing damage fees.

2. Add shelving to your closet (without screws)
Closets often have a lot more space than we use, but the only reason we waste that space is that we don’t have a way to utilize it. While installing shelves directly to the wall is likely to result in extra charges when you move out, you can achieve the same result simply by placing a small shelving unit against the back closet wall. Use baskets and creativity for utilizing the upper part of your shelves. No mess, no tools, just organization!

3. Add kitchen space with a rolling island/kitchen cart
if you’re finding yourself low on counter space or kitchen storage space, consider picking up a kitchen cart or rolling island. While not all kitchen carts include a countertop, many include both a countertop and storage bins and shelving on their lower two levels. Not only does the portability of these carts enable you to have the space you need where you need it, but they can really add to your décor as well!

4. Use Mirrors!
Mirror, mirror on the wall, who has the illusion of space for all? You will if you choose the right mirror and hang it in the right place! By placing your mirror at the right angles, you can achieve various effects: make your space seem larger, reflect more daylight into a space, and even create the visual effect of a second window! Check out
some guides online for how to achieve your design goals.

5. Use over-door hooks for extra organization
It doesn’t work with every door, but over-door hooks can be a great space saver and organizer if used effectively. In the kitchen, you can use these to hang pots or pans on the back of a door freeing up space inside the cupboard. In the bedroom, you may choose to use these hooks as extra storage for work clothes or other frequently-worn and less-frequently washed garments. Also, remember that these are great for using on your bathroom door to hang towels to dry!

6. Raise your bed / Loft bed
Sometimes you just need a little extra storage for those things you don’t use very often: Christmas decorations, that hammock you love to take to the beach, etc. There are multiple ways to solve this problem, but one of our favorites is creating under-bed storage by purchasing cheap and easy-to-install bed lifts, designed to raise the bed off the ground sufficiently to permit decent storage space beneath. Some people prefer to go all the way and purchase a loft bed, often something that looks like a bunk bed with just the top bunk and a desk with storage below. Both can be incredible space savers!

7. Use a pop-can tab to create extra closet space
This is nice and easy: simply loop one of the tabs over the neck of your first hanger (this will hang properly on the closet rail, then hang your second hanger through the remaining hole. All of a sudden you’re getting two-for-one storage on every hanger!