September 21, 2018 / By: Dustin Rennie

Top Pet Amenities in Apartment Communities

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More and more apartment communities are constructing and renovating their properties to be more pet-friendly, catering to the lifestyles of pet owners. More and more properties are adopting modern amenities to cater to the needs of the tenants. The trend has led many landlords to take on additions like rooftop pools, putting greens, and yoga and spin studios.

Recently a new trend has developed that now appeals to renters and their pets. At Mainstreet, the majority of our apartments and buildings are pet-friendly, allowing our tenants to have their animal companions. One of the big knocks against larger apartment communities is their lack of spaces and amenities for pets. But newer construction has addressed these faults. No longer will you have to sacrifice space and scarce activities for your pet.  Owners love their pets and want to make sure that they are happy.

Here are some of the newer pet features that are available in the marketplace today:


On-site Pet Parks

Our dogs need to release their energy just like we do. Developers have added pet parks that are on the property or adjacent to it. Some communities offer both small and large sections. Now dogs can run, play, and socialize with their peers or owners off of a leash.

Gone are the days of having to walk a dog on a leash. Pet parks are more exciting for both pets and their owners. Best of all, there isn't any extra fee to use this valuable resource.

You might get lucky enough to find a pet park with a pool as well. This will allow your doggie to cool off. It's especially important during the hot summer months.

Urban apartments who don't have the extra square footage for parks have thought outside of the box. We know are seeing roof-top pet parks that serve the exact same purpose! These are much rarer, but they do exist.

What's more, you will enjoy inspiring views of your city on the top floor.  


Pet Washing Stations

These are usually much more commonplace compared to dog parks. Parks require a significant amount of space.  Washing stations are much more convenient than having to wash dogs in the apartment or the bathtub. Plus they have the resources like water hoses that make cleaning up your pet so easy. If your paying for a dog groomer, it's far cheaper to use a dog washing station. And you won't have to deal with cleaning up a mess either!


Dog Runs

Not to be confused with the parks, dog runs are a great alternative and allow your pet to run freely in an enclosed space. There are some dog runs that are covered in grass. Although they are the exception, some can be as large as one acre. Recently we have seen more and more developers in more and more cities adopt pet-friendly amenities. Texas cities like Houston, Austin, and Dallas have seen much of the new condo construction associate dog parks. Rents are higher for these types of rentals but you do get what you pay for.

Remember that when your searching for your next rental to ask about pet-friendly amenities. Also, many apartments are now featuring residences with small private yards which can also be a bonus for your pet!

We have begun to see some apartments offering dog walking services too!