November 10, 2022

Top Six Fun Things to Do in Abbotsford (Anytime of the Year)

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Abbotsford is a great city with an awesome climate, beautiful landscapes, and so much going on. It does seem like a lot of other articles we’ve seen on Abby only cover the outdoor stuff, though, so we wanted to highlight the top six things to do in any type of weather. Some of this is great for grownups, some of this is great for the whole family! Let us know your favorites in the comments!

1.  Get some art vibes: Reach Gallery
We had to start here because we love everything about this place: relaxing in the beautiful natural landscaping outside, and enjoying the building’s architecture, we even love their mission and values. Still, galleries are judged on their content and curation more than anything else, so we’re happy to report that they also deliver hugely there. Not only are the collections thoughtfully conceived and curated, but ensure you take a guided tour to fully appreciate each piece and each decision that went into your experience.

2. Get some cool stuff: Abbotsford Flea Market
What’s the difference between the flea market and eBay? Not the fleas, we promise you. Despite the name, you won’t find bugs at the flea market but you will find bargains. Flea markets are a great place to find things you never knew you needed, scoop up treasures that unwitting sellers don’t realize are worth much more than they’re selling for, etc. But our favourite thing about flea markets is the element of surprise. It seems like all of our shopping these days is so programmed; based on hyper-specific market trends and purchase histories, there’s just no “happening upon” something. Flea markets throw that out the window, it’s all surprises and it’s all at great prices!

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3. Get some cultural history: Gur Sikh Temple
This beautiful but humble building is a National Registered Historical Site, as it is the oldest existing Gurdwara (Sikh Temple) in North America. The Sikhs have a long history in British Columbia, and this province was the site of two earlier Sikh temples which have since been lost, one to a fire and another to development. Sikhs have contributed so much to Canada and to Canadian history, so visiting the Gurdwara is a great way to learn about not just Sikh history, but Canadian history as well. The Temple celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2011, and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper inaugurated the museum for that anniversary.

4. Get your drink on: Winery Tour
There are so many beautiful vineyards in the Abbotsford area, it’s really about your own tastes and preferences. Twenty years ago, visiting a winery was widely regarded as an excursion for the rich, it was considered something wealthy people did to pass the time. Wine has come a long way, though, and many great wines are just as budget-friendly as beer. Also, vineyards love to teach people about their passion, so there’s no issue with showing up as a total wine novice. You’ll learn along the way, and really, how much do you need to know to enjoy delicious drinks anyway?

5. Get some exercise: Project Climbing Centre

Project Climbing Centre is the Abbotsford location of a BC-based indoor climbing business. Not just great exercise but also a ton of fun, this is a great and novel way to stay fit during the less-pleasant months of the year and develop a new skill at the same time. Each location offers options for different skill levels, and no worries if you’re a first-timer: many of their customers are. Great date idea, too!

6. Get some fun: Castle Fun Park

This is fun for kids of all ages, in fact the older you are the more fun you'll probably have! With everything from arcade games, bowling, and go-karts, to mini-golf, snacks, and games, you'll have an absolute blast here. This is a really popular date spot, too!