August 23, 2022

Top Three Reasons People Are Moving to Saskatoon

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Why Do People Love Saskatoon?

There’s a reason Saskatoon is known as Paris of the Prairies, even beyond the river which runs through this Saskatchewan city and the many beautiful bridges which span that water. So, what makes this city so great? It’s the culture, it’s the people, it’s the soul and the passion of this community that really invite that Parisian comparison and make this one of Canada’s best places to live.

Don’t just take our word for it, though, we’ve compiled a pretty strong case for Saskatoon in this article. It’ll help you to understand why we offer so many properties and choices in the city, why we are proud to deliver quality, affordable places to live throughout this great town, and why so many people are discovering that Saskatoon should be at the top of everyone’s list of great places to visit and even greater places to live!

1. Cost of Living

Saskatoon’s affordability is one of the best things about this prairie city, especially considering it’s literally half the price of Toronto and Vancouver! Imagine how much more you save by renting at one of Mainstreet’s awesome locations! Not only does this mean that your dollar goes further (something especially important to consider with inflation rising this year), but it also means that you have more money for fun and relaxation! According to the website Numbeo, this is how competitive Saskatoon is when compared against some other major Canadian cities:

  1. Consumer Prices in Saskatoon are 10.32% lower than Vancouver, 8.63% lower than Toronto, and 0.89% lower than Montreal
  2. Rent in Saskatoon is 53.71% lower than in Vancouver, 47% lower than Toronto, and 18.1% lower than Montreal
  3. Dining out in Saskatoon is 22.99% cheaper than in Vancouver, 18.12% cheaper than in Toronto, and 7.53% cheaper than in Montreal
  4. Groceries in Saskatoon cost 14.62% less than Vancouver, 8.65% less than in Toronto, and 5.57% less than in Montreal
  5. Supporting local business is easier, too! Your local purchasing power in Saskatoon is 20.72% higher than in Vancouver, 17.7% higher than in Toronto, and 20.06% higher than in Montreal.

Looking at the numbers, it’s clear that Saskatoon has a major advantage in cost-of-living across the board, definitely something to consider when choosing your next Canadian hometown.

2. Arts and Culture

We’ve already mentioned the city’s reputation as the Paris of the Prairies, but what would Paris be without fine arts and culture? Saskatoon has a bustling creative cultural scene that includes major players like Remai Modern gallery alongside local artists, including indigenous artists who are producing some of both the province's and the country’s best artistic and creative projects. Whatever your artistic sense, Saskatoon has something for you, and here’s a great video they’ve produced to prove it!

We’ve chosen just a few of our favourite examples, and wherever in Saskatoon your artsy-heart wants to be, we have a great apartment waiting for you! While we focused more on art here, don’t forget to check out the amazing museums offered in this city including the Western Development Museum, the Diefenbaker Museum, and many more.

  1. Remai Modern: A world-class art gallery

When we say that Saskatoon’s main art gallery is world-class, we’re not kidding. It features the world’s most comprehensive collection of linocuts by Pablo Picasso (1881-1973), for example. Don’t just stop and enjoy the art, get involved by volunteering!

  1. Saskatoon’s Public Art Project: Find art treasures across the city!

Saskatoon's permanent collection numbers 40 outdoor works of art, most of which were acquired by donation. Several major pieces were commissioned and purchased with funding from the Government of Canada as a result of Saskatoon being named a Cultural Capital of Canada in 2006.

  1. Saskatoon Tourism’s Arts and Culture: A great resource for all arts and culture listings in Saskatoon!
    Saskatoon’s Tourism Board has created a one-stop site for all current and upcoming arts and culture listings in the city. We recommend checking this site out for lots more information on the City’s scene!

3. Education

Saskatoon is quickly becoming a global destination for education, with students coming from across Canada and the world to take advantage of the excellent schools and innovative programs offered in this leading city where we offer affordable quality rentals for everyone. With a variety of schools and programs available, and major resource industries nearby, it’s clear that not only great educational opportunities but also great career opportunities can be found here! There are many great schools in this province, but we’ll focus on three of the most popular or otherwise important institutions.

  1. University of Saskatchewan
    Best MEQ building nearby: Mainstreet University Apartments
    USask is one of the top research-intensive, medical doctoral universities in Canada, and is home to world-leading research in areas of global importance, such as water and food security and infectious diseases. Study and discovery is enhanced by our outstanding facilities, including the Canadian Light Source synchrotron, VIDO-InterVac, the Global Institute for Food Security, the Global Institute for Water Security and the Sylvia Fedoruk Canadian Centre for Nuclear Innovation.

  2. SIIT Saskatoon Indian Institute of Technology: Saskatoon Campus

Best MEQ building nearby: Riviera Apartments

In 1976, SIIT was established by First Nation leaders to carry out the vision and needs of our communities and citizens. That vision remains strong and dedicated. Today, as an Indigenous institution governed by First Nation leaders, our vibrant learning community is made up of more than 90% Indigenous students and 70% Indigenous staff. With a province wide footprint of campuses, trade and Career Centres, mobile training units, and many community program sites, SIIT programs are available wherever you are. We consider ourselves fortunate to be able to attract student talent from every community and First Nation in Saskatchewan- welcoming many from beyond provincial borders.

At SIIT, partnership is at the heart of what we do. Federal, Provincial, and community investments create the ability to reach Indigenous learners and job seekers grows every year. In 2017-18, SIIT provided educational programming to over 2,400 students and provided employment services and wrap around supports to more than 6,600 clients.

  1. Saskatchewan Polytechnic: Saskatoon Campus
    Best MEQ building nearby: Victoria Park Apartments

Saskatchewan Polytechnic (formerly the Saskatchewan Institute of Applied Science and Technology or SIAST) is Saskatchewan's primary public institution for post-secondary technical education and skills training, recognized nationally and internationally for its expertise and innovation. Through program and course registrations, Saskatchewan Polytechnic serves 26,000 distinct students with programs that touch every sector of the economy. It operates campuses in Moose Jaw, Prince Albert, Regina and Saskatoon; and provides a number of courses and programs through distance education.
- Wikipedia

Clearly, Saskatoon is the place to be for those who want a better quality of life while also saving more money and paying less for it. Find your new Saskatoon home today!