October 21, 2016 / By: Matt Medoruma

Trick’n Out The Apartment For A Halloween Treat

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As a kid, don't you think the biggest treat would be an apartment building for them to go door to door to? In this post, I'll outline some helpful apartment tips to provide the ultimate treat for the little ghosts, ghouls, princesses, and pirates.


  • It's safer:

Think back to your trick-or-treating days, recklessly and blindly running from house to house, street to street, chasing the best candy, trying to fill your pillowcase. Your parents trailing behind, constantly reminding you to look both ways, watch out for ice, and slow down. All of this can be avoided in the safety of an apartment building. No busy streets, hazardous conditions, or fear of losing sight of one another.

  • Snow? Who cares?

Living in southern Alberta, the probability of snow on October 31st is 100%. So many costumes, year after year ruined by having to squeeze a winter jacket underneath a skin-tight Batman suit or Jasmine bikini. In an apartment building, the stress of having to modify a costume due to weather is not an issue. An apartment building provides the perfect climate for any costume.

  • More doors, Less time:  

The ultimate goal of Halloween; fill as many pillowcases as possible, or at the very least more than your friends and siblings. With doors in apartment buildings placed a mere 10 feet from one another, that goal would be achieved much quicker than the turtles running from house to house.

Big potential, less effort!


  • Speak to your building manager.

 Before the 31st it will be important to speak with your building manager, making them aware that the little ninja's running from door to door are supposed to be there will be key. It will also be important to ask them about certain policies, building codes, or fire procedures that will be important information to be aware of.

  • Advertise to the building in advance

The benefits of apartment building trick or treating are lost if all tenants are not made aware. It would be a shame for the little pirates to have no treasures to claim or having a bunch of leftover candy the tenants will have to "pretend" they feel guilty eating themselves. I would recommend posting announcements on bulletin boards or posting on online building forums.

  • Opting out

Not everybody might be as excited as you to provide this trick or treating jackpot in the apartment building. That's OK! Just be sure to provide clear directions on how tenants can opt-out. For example, placing a sign on their door to help prevent the little power rangers from busting down their doors.


  • Be inviting.

Get into the Halloween spirit! Let the trick or treaters know they can score a treat at your door. Play music (at a reasonable level as to not disturb other aforementioned tenants, not in the spirit), decorate your door and wear a costume.

  • Pets

Any pets that might be alarmed or startled by a 4-foot kitty cat or scary witch should be kept in a room or area away from your front door. And for those pets that are 'into' it, let them join in on the fun.


Hey, why not?

In conclusion, apartment buildings provide a safe, warm, efficient environment for kids and parents to have the best Halloween experience possible!

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