May 16, 2019 / By: Dustin Rennie

Up & Coming Communities to Rent in Calgary

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Calgary is a great city with plenty to see, do and offer local residents and visiting tourists. There are many different neighborhoods and communities in Calgary, each with their own unique traits and vibes that may appeal to a wide range of people and potential renters. If you are interested in renting in Calgary, you're in luck: there are many different up and coming communities that are perfect for renters. Let's take a closer look at some of the best up and coming Calgary communities to rent in.


Bowness is a hip, trendy neighborhood that seems on the verge of becoming the latest hotspot in the city. Bowness is located in Calgary North West, near Canada Olympic Park and the Trans Canada highway. Bowness has a tight-knight community with plenty of local shops and restaurants. The historical community used to have its own township with an array of local amenities to enjoy. If you plan on renting in Bowness, make it fast-this community is definitely leaning towards the "up" part of up and coming.


Evanston is one of the newer neighborhoods in Calgary, yet despite its relative youth, it is already one of the fastest-growing neighborhoods in the NW area of Calgary. Evanston is currently populated mostly by couples and younger families who embrace Evanston's many parks and recreational facilities. Renters in Evanston should be ready to embrace the community, which is well known for its warm welcomes and friendly smiles.

Ramsay & Inglewood

Ramsay is a mostly residential community which will appeal to renters who are interested in a hip community full of character. Neighboring the community of Inglewood these communities are just East of downtown Calgary. Renters in this community enjoy a relatively unknown gem that has the potential to blossom into something more in the near future. Ramsay & Inglewood are currently home to some trendy shops and cafes, which are perfect for younger renters who are interested in a more laid back culture while still sharing close proximity to downtown.


Kingsland is a perfect spot for renters who are interested in the warmth of a family-friendly community. Kingsland residents enjoy close proximity to Chinook Mall and the MacLeod Trail shopping district. Kingsland is located along MacLeod Trail & Glenmore Trail, this provides residents with access to public transit and the LRT. Kingsland accessibility is unparalleled as it is adjacent to two of South Calgary's most popular transportation routes. Kingsland is also home to some excellent entertainment venues, so renters will never be bored on a Friday or Saturday night.


Westgate is located in a highly convenient area. The community is just West of the downtown Calgary area along Sarcee Trail and Bow Trail SW. Renters who reside in Westgate will find a diverse neighborhood, stunning recreational avenues, as well as plenty of walkability that is punctuated with popular shops, restaurants, and local amenities.


Renfrew is one of the most popular destinations for renters due to its proximity to downtown Calgary and its numerous attractions, destinations and other venues that will keep renters happy and entertained all year round. Everything from great restaurants to shops to movie theaters, everything a renter could need conveniently located in Renfrew, making it ideal for single renters, couples, and families.

Apartments For Rent in Calgary

If you are looking to rent an apartment in Calgary check out some of the up and coming communities listed above. To view some of our apartment rentals in Calgary contact us, and a member of our leasing team can gladly assist you. Live in a great Calgary community with affordable prices, and great rental incentives.