February 14, 2017 / By: Matt Medoruma

Useful guide to organizing your apartment – and creating more space

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People often associate the New Year with a time to reinvent themselves. Start fresh, set goals. This post will help reinvent and rejuvenate your living space. Don't wait for the "spring clean", let's get a jump start and use the start of 2017 to de-clutter and reorganize your apartment. I will be breaking down each room in your apartment and providing you with ideas and strategies to help get your space organized.

The first and single most important thing to keep in mind as you start this process is – you must create space! How do you do this? PURGE! As I go through each room I will highlight some of the items that need to ask ourselves – Do I really need this? Along with helping to declutter your space you will be potentially helping another individual in need. There are many great causes that will gladly take your unwanted items and find a person who needs them. A favorite of mine is the Canadian Diabetes Association. They take everything from clothing to kitchen items and will even come pick it up from your house!



  1. Expired products (sauces and spices – you bought it to use in a recipe you tried in 2011 and haven't made it since)
  2. Tupperware containers with missing lids
  3. Old mugs/glasses and utensils that don't match your actual set


  1. Make use of rolling carts that can be moved around the kitchen at your convenience. You can pack these carts with anything, from cleaning supplies to coffee/tea necessities (Ikea has a great one that comes in many colors)
  2. If you are short on counter space or storage hang pegboard for your serving utensils on the wall so they are not on the counter or taking up space in your drawers
  3. The most helpful way to maximize cupboard and drawer space is to store like items together. Store smaller pots inside larger pots, stack your dishes together, and food items with similar shapes together.




  1. Shampoo and lotion bottles that have been accumulating on the side of your tub/shower with only a teaspoon left in them
  2. Any expired medicines/products that have been forgotten about and should no longer be used
  3. Avoid having too many candles/potpourri bowls that can gather dust and take up valuable space


  1. Hang a shoe organizer on the back of your bathroom door to help store all your bathroom necessities
  2. Try to limit yourself to one set of products (for example, 1 shampoo, 1 face cream, 1 toothbrush, )
  3. Use drawer organizers to help keep all those small items organized
  4. Hang multiple shower caddies on removable adhesive hooks for each individual that uses the bathroom•
  5. Use the space over your toilet to hang open shelving (or closed if you prefer) for storing towels




  1. The main area of purging in the bedroom would have to be clothing. You must be honest and ask yourself if you really need each item. A good rule of thumb: if you have not worn it in the last year – purge.
  2. Go through your sock and underwear drawer – nobody needs 30 pairs of underwear or socks full of holes.
  3. Give your nightstand a clean sweep – only keep the stuff you need there and use on a nightly basis


  1. Maximize drawer space by neatly folding or rolling the items in the drawer
  2. Use the space underneath your bed to store shoes or jackets that are out of season
  3. Try to remove items from your bedroom that should not be in there. For example, work stuff, all your DVD's and books etc.




  1. As your living room is a common shared living space try not to let it become too cluttered with unnecessary items. The living room should be cozy and comfortable without being cluttered.


  1. Invest in an ottoman that doubles as storage space. There are many options for ottomans and living room tables that provide hidden storage
  2. Play around with the arrangement of your furniture to see what works best for your space
  3. Keep only a few decorative items on the coffee tables and side tables
  4. Find a way to store your DVD's that keeps them organized (in your tv stand, on a hanging shelf, in a rack next to your tv stand)


The start of a new year is the ideal time to revamp your living space. Living in a clutter free organized home will help all aspects of your life. Now get to work! :)


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