February 24, 2020 / By: J. Greenwell

The Beginning of the West Side's Renaissance

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Change can come quickly or it can come slowly, but it comes to everything eventually, and the West Side of Saskatoon is no exception.


It begins with community organizations working to improve the lives of their fellow citizens; with local entrepreneurs deciding to set up shop in underserved areas, creating both employment and investment in the area; and once that ball is rolling it's up to the community to maintain the momentum. There is a new day dawning in Western Saskatoon, and we wanted to highlight three organizations making that happen.


MIRCH MASALA – Some of the best Indian food in the Prairies can be found at this West Saskatoon institution. Focusing on Eastern Indian cuisine, everything from naan to chaat is perfectly prepared with authenticity and attention to detail. When we think of East India's food, it's hard not to feel your mouth starting to water, no other region can compete for the incredible selection of desserts and other sweet treats produced there. Mirch Masala's expertise isn't confined to dessert – everything on the menu is delicious, but dessert is definitely an area where their culinary gift is in full effect. Serving West Saskatoon because they believe in their community and wanted to bring something great to it (and offering a special discount to Mainstreet tenants!) if you haven't tried this incredible local business' cuisine? You're missing out.


SEVEN SEAS – Those familiar with real estate markets know that one thing that distinguishes areas people want to live form those they want to avoid is the condition of the properties in that area. For many living in areas of socioeconomic challenge, maintenance and repairs often go unperformed as people are forced to prioritize other spending. Having a reliable and affordable construction company available can make all the difference. With rates that work for most people's budgets, this is another West Saskatoon business who have chosen to invest in their community and make a difference where they live. Affordable, reliable, and working hard to improve the living standards of their neighbours one job at a time.


Okihtcitawak Patrol Group – As we mentioned, it takes the groundwork laid by community organizations before anything other forces of positive change can prosper or succeed. One group working the hardest and doing the most with the fewest resources is the Okihtcitawak Patrol Group. This entirely volunteer-staffed group donate their time and energy to community harm reduction and quality of life improvement including regular needle cleanup, feeding their community through distribution of donated food, and even their regular interactions with community members to check on well-being and needs. This sort of devotion clears the path for progress and increased standards of community health. We respectfully congratulate this team for their tireless work!