April 24, 2018 / By: Dustin Rennie

Why Foreign Students Should Study In Saskatchewan

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There's plenty of opportunities awaiting students in the province of Saskatchewan. With a robust economy, a growing number of employers, and enticing salaries, there is no better place to study, work or live in Canada than Saskatchewan. In Saskatchewan, students have a ton of elite post-secondary schools to choose from, ranging from polytechnics to career colleges to universities. The province boasts of friendly and safe communities, a reasonably affordable standard of living, and lots of things to see and do.

Not convinced yet? Here are five reasons why Saskatchewan is a top choice for foreign students who want to make the most out of their education and school years.


#1. Affordable Yet Top-Shelf Education

Saskatchewan schools offer top-notch education that'll not break the bank. From the pre-kindergarten, all the way to Grade 12, the province's education system provide a holistic educational bedrock that sets up your child for success right from the outset. The same goes for post-secondary institutions - the colleges, vocational institutes, and universities provide a vast variety of courses that prepare the student for life ahead.

Saskatchewan colleges and universities boast of advanced R&D facilities and elite educators. It's no wonder more and more foreign students prefer Saskatchewan post-secondary institutions.


#2. Huge Number of Post-Secondary Institutions

Several types of post-secondary institutions are located in Saskatchewan. These include:

  • Career Colleges

‚ÄčAcademy of learning, Academy of Fashion Design, CDI College, Regency College

  • Regional Colleges

Cumberland College, Great Plains College, and Parkland College

  • Universities

Including the University of Regina and University of Saskatchewan

  • Polytechnics

Including Saskatchewan Polytechnic which offers more than a whopping 150 courses.

#3. Availability of Study Permits

Every foreign student who wants to study in Canada must acquire a temporary visa or a study permit. While you must meet specific requirements to get either the visa or the study permit, Saskatchewan has made the process quite easy for the students. Of course, the student has to be admitted or accepted by the respective institution before being issued with a study permit. Even better, you don't need a study permit if you are going to take a short-term course or program that last 6 months or less.


#4. Excellent Support Services

Moving to a new place can be quite stressful, if not daunting. Saskatchewan runs newcomer services that allow international students to transition into life abroad without much hassle. That's right; every international student can get these settlement services at no cost.


#5. Tons of Things to See and Do

There are lots of things to enjoy for leisure in Saskatchewan. Saskatchewan has an abundance of leafy parks, sizzling restaurants, sporting venues, historical landmarks, and shopping centers. - there's always something for everyone in Saskatchewan.

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