August 24, 2020 / By: J.Greenwell

Where Does Your Rent Go? | Part One

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So what do our property taxes pay for? Nearly everything we rely upon in our day-to-day lives!

One very important reason to pay your rent is because we all rely on the services provided for by property taxes which the government takes from the rent you pay your landlord. These are the services that keep our cities running and our communities clean and healthy. It's important that the government charges enough to fund their services, but not so much that people can't afford to live or do business in a city.


Why Pay Rent | Mainstreet Equity | Part 1




Transit: Our transit system is the primary mode of transportation for many working Canadians, and in a country as large and sprawling as Canada, transportation matters. When you pay your rent, you subsidize the transit systems which help your neighbours get to work; which takes your family to the museum or the zoo; which ensures mobility is accessible to everyone.


Libraries: Libraries aren't some old dusty buildings filled with obsolete pulp and paper, they are hubs for community and learning! Not only are they lively places filled with events and resources provided free to the community, but they also serve to provide a warm place to research and obtain internet access for marginalized citizens (allowing them to find work, assistance, etc.) alongside a host of programs for self-improvement for all and even just fun!


Sanitation and Snow Removal: Even with transit services, we wouldn't get very far if the roads were undrivable because of snow, or because of garbage spilling out into the street. Our property taxes pay for the crucial services which keep our streets safe through effective snow removal and keep our cities healthy by removing our waste.


Emergency Services: Snow removal is one part of keeping our streets safe, but so are responsive emergency services. Fire services, police services, and ambulance services are all paid for by property taxes so that the right people with proper equipment and training respond when an emergency occurs. When property taxes don't get paid, ambulances take longer to get to the sick and injured people who need them.


Schools: It goes without saying that education is a crucial part of our society: learning about the world around us and how it works prepares us not just for our careers but also for that world itself. Schools fulfil important roles besides education too, including that of providing childcare during the early years so that parents are able to leave the home to work.


Water Supply: We take the clean drinking water which flows from our taps for granted, but that service is paid for with our property taxes. Clean water for drinking, cooking, and bathing requires a large investment in infrastructure and maintenance to keep our pipes in good repair. 


Roads: We couldn't get very far without good road surfaces to drive on, and anyone who's ever paid the repair bill after hitting a pothole will tell you the importance of well-maintained roads. Your property taxes pay for those km's of blacktop we drive every day!

These are just a few of the things that rent pays for. If you are currently renting with Mainstreet or thinking about renting with Mainstreet. We thank you for your business, and by paying your rent, making the above services available for your fellow Canadians.