March 20, 2020 / By: T.Carron

Tips For Working From Home in an Apartment.

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Tips to WFH and Remain Productive in an Apartment.


Working from your apartment? The world as we know it has changed drastically in the past few months in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, and with that so has the daily operations of many businesses globally. Most companies are encouraging their employees to work remotely from home, and employees are forced to make the most of the situation and develop a routine for work that is much different from what they are typically used to. In this post, we will walk you through some helpful tips to remain productive, positive and sane in a time that the world has transitioned to the WFH model and self-isolation.


Boosting Team Morale with Video Conferencing

If you work in a team environment and typically spend some of your day collaborating with your beloved team members, don't forget to check in with them still during your time working at home. A great platform to do that is through WhatsApp Video conferencing, or a quick Facetime call if you are operating on an IOS device. This can be crucial for boosting team morale during these uncertain times, and it allows everyone to communicate effectively in one common space. Another collaborative video conferencing platform you can use which is very helpful (especially if you want a co-worker to view your screen) is Zoom, visit their website here.


Establish a Clear Schedule and Routine

Working from home provides a lot of freedom and has its own set of distractions that you typically wouldn't have working in an office environment. Especially if you are working from an apartment and are in close proximity to your snack cupboard or refrigerator… But it is very important to maintain a schedule and routine. Stick to your regular maintained work hours and take a lunch break! On your lunch, get some fresh air, stretch your limbs and eat something that will power you through the rest of the afternoon.


Ensure you have a clean, and comfortable workspace

No different from your office, you have to ensure that you are setting yourself up for success in the environment you are working in. Make sure you are first of all comfortable when deciding on where to set up shop. And also make sure that your space is free of any excess clutter that may distract you when working. Pro Tip: Don't be afraid to borrow some of the décor from around your house to make your space more vibrant. See the photo below.


Mainstreet Equity | Working From Home


Communicate boundaries with your co-inhabitants of your apartment.


If you are living with a roommate(s) don't forget to discuss with them what your plan for the day is. If you have any important meetings or conference calls that you need them to remain silent for etc. Also maintain a distance from them if possible when setting up your workspace, for example, if you are working at the kitchen table, have your roommate work from the living room or their own room to ensure you don't distract each other. But also, don't completely refrain from interacting with them, as working by yourself alone all day can take a toll on you.



Have Fun With Your Colleagues


It is important for you to still have fun with your team even if you aren't sitting next to them at the office. Host a photo contest on who has the best WFH setup, have an outfit theme of the day and have your coworkers submit their wardrobes for the day. Make a group chat to remain in communication, whether that be work-related or personal. And most importantly over-communicate, ask questions and help another stay on track and be productive.


Refrain From Doing Household Tasks Like Cleaning


As tempting as it may be to tidy up, or fix do other small tasks around the house. Ensure that you plan time after your allotted work schedule to do so or plan a day on the weekend to do a deep clean. Staying on task at home is much more achievable if you eliminate small distractions like this.



If you are lucky enough to be able to continue to work throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, make sure you are setting yourself up for a successful and productive workday! By following some of these tips you can ensure that you are working comfortably, and efficiently. Stay healthy, happy, and productive!