October 31, 2016 / By: Karen Engel

Working out in your apartment

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Want to get in better shape but don't want to pay for a gym membership? Why not work out in your apartment: you get the privacy you want, and there are lots of ways to get a great workout, no matter your level.

The first thing you need is a foam workout mat. I like the Connect-A-Mat from Walmart, it comes in different colours, and is easy to put together and then hide when done or people come over. This softens the noise for your neighbours, plus your ground workouts are much softer.The second thing you need is some weights. Again, head to Walmart to buy two different sets. I recommend both a 3 pound and 5 pound set of rubber or neoprene dumbbells if you are just starting out.

Walking/ Stairs

The best way to get started working out is to keep it simple. Walking and doing the stairs in your apartment. Take the dog for a walk, or the kids. Just get off the couch, get outside, or if is -30C, then walk around your apartment building.mainstreet-apartments-working-out-in-apartment-stairs

Going up and down stairs is an excellent cardio work out

Workout DVD's

Have a DVD sitting in your apartment, collecting dust. Put it and your body to use with a workout DVD, There are hundreds of choices out there. My favorites are from Beachbody, either the 21-day Fix, Cize or Country Heat. But I don't buy these DVD's off their website, I look on Kijiji for a good deal.

They offer a great workout that is challenging but great for any level. Plus they are fun.

In the 21-day Fix, trainer Autumn has 7 DVD's, one for each day of the week. There are 6 people that you can follow that are demonstrating the video, and there is one person (Kat) who does an easier level so anyone can challenge themselves. Plus there is a 10 minute Abs workout that you can do everyday to really tone those areas.

Youtube Workout Videos

If you prefer to stream your workout video's, there are thousands of choices. Some of them are great, and lost of them are not….

Popsugar is one of my favorite channels, they have some amazing workout videos, their 45-Minute Epic Cardio Boxing Workout is my favorite.

Another good channel is Fitness Blender. They have over 500 free workouts by length, difficulty, training type, muscles used, calorie burn & more.

BeFiT is another great workout YouTube Fitness channel, it gives you access to top fitness trainers like Jillian Michaels, Denise Austin and many more.

You don't need a lot of space, just the right equipment.

Skipping Rope

As long as your apartment has enough room to jump rope, including the ceiling clearance, it is one of the fastest and best way to lose weight and get a great cardio exercise in. Even if you have trouble at first, do 5 minutes a day until you are skipping like a pro. This exercise tones arms, legs, and shoulders. Just sure to wear proper shoes to reduce the risk of injury.

Have fun working out, keep it to your own pace but make sure to challenge yourself. Now, does anyone in Calgary have a puppy or an adorable dog I can take for a walk?

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