May 16, 2019 / By: Dustin Rennie

Up & Coming Communities to Rent in Calgary

There are many different neighborhoods and communities in Calgary, each with their own unique traits and vibes that may appeal to a wide range of people and potential renters.

Calgary Bike Lanes & MEQ Apartments Details

February 5, 2019 / By: Dustin Rennie

Calgary Bike Lanes & MEQ Apartments

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Mainstreet Equity has a number of Calgary apartment buildings situated along the newly established bike lanes. These lanes are designated roadways and individual lanes exclusively for bikers in Calgary's Urban areas.

Calgary’s Top Neighbourhoods in 2018 Details

June 13, 2018 / By: Dustin Rennie

Calgary’s Top Neighbourhoods in 2018

Real estate experts in Calgary say that the east and the northeastern regions show good promise. The areas that have long been desired to live are lagging a bit behind in price momentum. What are the top Calgary neighborhoods to put in your money?

Most Popular Communities To Live In Calgary Details

May 18, 2018 / By: Dustin Rennie

Most Popular Communities To Live In Calgary

If you're looking for a postcard-perfect place to live, work or play in Alberta, look no further than Calgary. Here are some of the 7 most popular neighbourhoods worth renting in Calgary.

Apartment decor, loft style Details

September 24, 2015 / By: Tawanda Nzara

Apartment decor, loft style

Avenue Tower is situated along 17th Ave in Calgary. Near the community of Mission, Avenue Tower is located near the corner of 4th Street & 17th Avenue SW. The property has gorgeous loft-style apartments with high ceilings, exposed heating pipes, concrete walls, and floors.

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